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OFF-GRID. Solar Power to keep us Cool

Enjoy. ­čÖé Never Be Without Power again. My Three most used sayings are. 1) A house roof looks unfinished until it has solar panels on it. 2) A man is not loo…

9 replies on “OFF-GRID. Solar Power to keep us Cool”

Hey Chris come down here and you would need an air conditioner -10 c right
cold winners just started
your friend Larry´╗┐

Thanks mate, I was out in the man cave last night and was freezing my ball
bag’s off.
I have an old oil filled rad out there, if i heat it up on the grid at the
start and then switch to solar, it can run from the battery’s on a 1000w
and still run lights TV and did not go down to low to be worried.
Send some heat this way.´╗┐

‘more power than you can shake a stick at’, (or a Dickhead) Justin Case
(tm). Good quote mate!!´╗┐

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