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Burning Solar Power To Keep Cool At The Off Grid Camper

It was very hot again today. I had to pull out an old AC fan I had in storage to try and get the inside temperature down a bit. Read more: http://www.thediyw…
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25 replies on “Burning Solar Power To Keep Cool At The Off Grid Camper”

Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive.
If you want to power your house cheaply
Simply Go to *Google* and *Search* for:
*Top DIY Solar Panels Research By John Sommer*
Choose the first result.
It has the plans and explanation there.

I use a green scrubber to clean my rusty cast iron. Works well. With some
water and soap, then treat it again with oil and its good as new. I use my
cell phone for internet. Yes, if I cannot get the limbs, I will use the
truck. Good idea.

I thought about that. But the energy used to get enough water is not worth
the effort. I once had a fan with a circle of copper tubing coiled in front
of it. Had a water pump circulating ice cold water through the tubes.
Worked if you sat directly in front of it but did not last long.

Its the price here. You should see the price of a head of lettuce here.
Everything costs more but the pay is higher too.

Outside there are a lot of bugs. But actually I have it cooler inside today
with the fan blowing on me and the camper in the shade. I am working on my
computer now while its hot out.

I got it out. It went all the way in, but pulled out like butter. I cut
myself every single day and have not had a shot in over 30 years. Thanks
for the care and concern.

Yes, now I will be able to sleep at night knowing the birds are safe. I
love them and do not want to loose any. Under the camper is cooler. The
skirting helps in summer as well.

Hand kept me awake all night. I think I hit a nerve. But its a clean wound
so it should be fine. Thanks.

Thanks. An elderly couple own the land. I rent from them for $200 a month
and pretty much have my space here. It is nice. Thank you for thinking of
me. Hint: I never get enough coffee, hehe. Thanks.

TICK/FLY SPRAY RECIPE 2 cups white vinegar 1 cup Skin-So-Soft bath oil 1
cup water 1 Tablespoon eucalyptus oil (available at drugstores & health
food stores) This homemade spray does not contain aerosols to pollute the
environment, nor chemicals to contaminate the ground and it works. We have
reports of successful use on animals as well.

My freezer is tiny. Cant hold much of anything sadly. But its full. I also
keep the fridge full as well. I cannot cut the trees because its not my
place. Raising the panels might be a good idea, if I could find a safe way
where the wind wont tear them up. I may use the camper as a work shop, for
a while, but it has to go. I cant keep everything here.

Do you plan on showing how to build your Bedini SSG? I’m already sold on
the possibilities of being able to bring dead batteries back to life. Could
you do a how-to on building one in the futurre?

Wash that wound out good with Hot Water soapy let it soak a while then dry
it off and get some antibiotic ointment on that troy with it being hot you
have to be extra careful with wounds in the woods Thanks so much for what
you have done my friend. Did it go all the way though or is it in there yet
Also yes Im being mom right now GO to the hospital and get a tetanus shot

Yes, thank you. I will be using it tomorrow to cut those trees. Nice idea
using a chain saw chain. I would not have thought of that. Thank you very
much 🙂

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