Your commitment…

We can all play a part and make a commitment, a comitment to being a ‘Planet Buddy’. What is your comitment?

We are attempting to sever our ties to the big power companies by working towards becoming fully OFF Grid.

We know this all takes time but we are having fun on our journey and rejoice in knowing we are making a good choice in this way. Our little ‘power station’ started out as a single 80W PV panel with a solar regulator and modest 12v battery set. It grew within one year to a 240w sytsem where we started to see the real possibilities of using solar PV generated power. We are very excited to report that our ‘system’ has grown this year to 480 watts with 2nd stage upgrade in progress to give 1200 watts of power. We are now able to power a huge variety of everyday equipment from lighting to refrigeration to full blown audio and so much more!

There are so many things we can do and want to do to reduce our impact on mother nature and it is very exciting to be able to gradually change our ‘ways’ of living to become a Planet Buddy.

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