Wiring Batteries in Series and Parallel.m4v

This video demonstrates how to wire batteries in series and in parallel. Series means connecting a negative terminal of one battery to the positive terminal …
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well, if i got this right …
a lightbulb powered by 6V or 9V has the exact same runtime. right? (that’s 4 or 6 batteris with each 1.5V in series)
but if i wire 2 battery packs with 6V paralel, i can double the runtime without killing the lightbulb.
because i have some contraptions in mind …
1. battery-powered light on my bycicle.
2. a usb battery pack with a pretty high capacity for my phone and usb devices

Hmm, soo on the last connecting you got 24Volts and big ass Ampers on the battery or you had 48Volts?

Hi if i wanted to put three batteries in my car and connect them but i still want 12v how do i connect them and still have 12v please can you help me thanks and a very nice vid keep the vids coming. peace

hi i have to replace a start motor to a crane was built in the 1940’s so it has two 12v batteries connected in series and the positive is the ground/earth. how would i disconnect this battery safely to get to the start motor? any advice would be great

where do you draw the power of and into your device when running the 24 volt in paralle? im going to possible use thi in a scooter project.

12 volts is a very low voltage, and the resistance within your body is quite high. When that very low voltage meets with the high resistance there is not enough energy flow to your body for you to feel anything. This is different when the batteries are in your car and the negative terminal is grounded by all the metal in it’s frame, that could result in a nasty shock because you have greatly reduced the resistance and increased the possible energy flow.

Thank you for the tutorial
0:50 how come you did not get shocked ? I saw you short-circuit the terminals using your body

Thanks for the instructional video. I would like to install additional battery or two in my vehicle so that I can operate my laptop while the engine is not running. I’m guessing they need to be configured in parallel for this application, correct? Do you know if the car will charge the additional batteries properly while the motor is running? Thanks!

It is good that you provided the simple, but informative way to properly connect batteries. Good job on the video. 

Very informative. I was trying to make a 36v battery to test a motor and it would not work. Thanks a lot. Now I need to figure out if my 36V charger is working.

Hello, I have two 12 volt 115 ah dual purpose batteries. My solar panels are 29 volts, can u show me how to connect both batteries in series and parallel, so I can have a 24 volt battery bank@ 230 ah, and also the wiring from the batteries to my control charger, I have an idea but I need an experts help. Fyi, I have a 12/24 mppt regulator @ 30 ah, the panels are suntech 225 watts,,,, thank u

hi i’m planning to hook up my batteries to 24v but will this mean that if i put a twelve volt gadget to one battery it will still be 12 volts? or wiill it fry?

I have 4 12 volt Batteries on a 12 volt Solar system. 300 watt panels and a 30 amp charge controller. I am wondering if I can run the 4 batteries parallel like the gentlemen in the video above, without frying the charge controller, etc. Thanks alot.

I bought two trojans t-105s, while hooking them up to my solar setup I accidently arched the positive off one with the negative of the other battery, Is this going to cause harm or take of life expectancy off my barriers. Just wondering because i just bought them for $150 each

I just put 4 12v ups batteries all together in parallel total of 28Ah I’m waiting for the inverter and the battery charger since I’m not going solar yet

Nice! Within four minutes I understood the basics of series and parallel. Thanks for such a well done video!

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