• Dennis Rogles

    It looks like your bucket is too far under the tarp. A hard rain may over
    shoot the bucket. I love to see innovation on a budget. 

  • RBE advocate

    this is so ghetto rigged haha. But, shit, better than I could do. You guys
    are pretty innovative

  • earthkeyper

    It will be interesting to see how it works out. Only thing I would have
    done different is gone with two inch pipe for greater volume of water. Good

  • SolarBurrito

    That tarp put 200 gallons in the tank in 2 weeks! I bet it’s full now. We
    can take the tarp down I bet, that amount of water will last us all year.

  • SolarBurrito

    That’s an important question that deserves some serious field testing. If
    fact we may have to rethink this whole “water” tank concept and start
    thinking “beer” tank! Plumbed directly into a secret tree stump beer tap!

  • SolarBurrito

    Hi Margy, I got the original idea from you and your blog years ago! That
    and we didn’t have many options, no money, big hill, it just made sense.
    I’m heading out there this weekend to check on it. Hoping for rain! My 275
    gallon tote is full at my house in seattle since then. Lots of rain!

  • stevenk1965

    Hey thats alcohol abuse lol. Great video I cant wait to see how it works.
    We have an off grid cabin too and a rain water system is on my list this
    year. Our cabin also has a large hill above it. I was going to use the
    gutters and a 12 volt pump but I might try this method if it works for
    you.If you get a chance go to my channel and check it out i’d like you to
    see our cabin. later, Steve…

  • SolarBurrito

    Cool Steve, I will definitly check it out. We planned on using a pump on
    this system for years but it simplicity won in the end. I’ll post the
    results good or bad but I know the tarp won’t last forever. We need to put
    a roof up there soon.

  • Margy Lutz

    Our friend John built us a similar system for my garden at the cabin. Same
    tarp configuration, except ours drains through a screen covered funnel
    directly into two 55-gallon barrels. If I had your big “barrel” I could
    make my water last a whole lot longer during the dry summer months. I like
    your bucket system to filter the water before it goes into the barrel.
    Periodically we have to empty ours to flush the sludge out of the bottom.
    Amazing how many needles make it through the mesh. – Margy

  • mangamark67

    Of course you’ve gotta reclaim that beer! Looks good you’ll have to stay on
    top of the fallen limbs and such though. Hope ya get that rain so we can
    see your results

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