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Why I Live In An Off Grid Solar Camper – The Origins Of The Off Grid Project

Many people ask why I am living in a camper in the woods with hardly any heat, power or water. Here is the answer. You can pre-order a book or DVD here: http…


  • Maureen Brown

    this is a plan of mine and so need all this help. have a RV and want to go
    solar. how much do I need? plan to leave in may after I pick out a place
    .learn this for same reason you are doing it. thanks for the infomation´╗┐

  • electricfemale

    This is super cool! I like the way you explain the idea, and I like your
    will! I also want to join your idea, and now, I am going to be following
    you and sharing your videos! My house, is very cold too, I am much
    interested in using something like cobb for insulation. Blessings to you!´╗┐

  • N4ANE

    Since its fall time and leafs are free if you can rake some under or put
    them in big black bags on the eage of the camper that will make a big
    difference and you might be able to find a farmer that has rotten hay bails
    that he can give you´╗┐

  • practicalman45

    I made a small wood stove and installed in my 33 ft 1970 motorhome and it
    can easily get it too hot in there. Your camper is probably not well
    insulated. Add inexpensive insulation by alternating layers of corrugated
    cardboard and aluminum foil. That combination can be done practically free
    and it adds tremendous R value. Staple the cardboard, Tape the foil.
    repeat. A 1/’2 dozen layers of each and a candle could heat the place (may
    need to do something underneath, also..)´╗┐

  • CynicalByte

    I saw in one of your previous videos that you installed a wood stove. Is
    the stove not working or is it not producing enough heat? Is it safe? I
    lived in a trailer for about a year and relied heavily on propane for heat.
    It had crappy insulation too, oven in the summer and a freezer in the
    winter. I spend a lot of money just keeping the place comfortable to live

  • The Do It Yourself World

    Sounds good but I hope you also stock up in case of a disaster and 1
    billion people are also trying to do the same thing. Food may get scarce.

  • Jon Moore

    I’ve been wanting to do this really bad, and have a camp trailer just like
    this one stashed somewhat permanently up on a mountain on some land my dad
    bought back in the 70’s. You need 4×4 to get to it, and that’s if the road
    is DRY. If the road is wet, forget about it, it’s an hour hike each way, so
    I may have to find another property, or get used to hiking.

  • Link Knight

    no I’m in australia. the great southern land they keep saying. I can tell
    you one thing that’s a lie the american media pushes. we get PBS news on TV
    here and I’ve seen outright lies from US spin doctors about the australian
    medical system and how everyone is copying the US system. americas system
    is the biggest joke going. I used to work with a texan who was last in US
    in 95. he told me that the US surgery is 5 times the price of oz. maybe 95
    prices. we have both private and public system here.

  • The Do It Yourself World

    The only way to live rent free is to live in a motor home or bus. But you
    need to move it around from time to time. In our day and age, we cannot get
    away from paying someone something. You either pay rent, pay taxes or live
    illegally in the woods and stay mobile. Or you live in a van, rv or motor
    home and move it around. Sorry, that is why you cannot live for free.

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