What do you want for Christmas this year? (My answer and extra)

Graphics Card I’m getting :;jsessionid=CBE7C874EF1DF6E708…

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Thanks and thank you for warning me about the power supply and stuff in less then 2 weeks I should all set with the new power and graphics card 🙂 is it hard to change the power supply

if you have a current motherboard, something that isn’t over 2-3 years old than you should be okay. If you have any other questions, you can pm me

thanks for the suggestion when I paid for my PC I got one where I can upgrade pretty easy whenever I decide to and the graphics card I just got and the power supply I ordered should be a good start and as I learn these things then 1 day I may build a gaming PC from scratch 🙂 is it hard to change a power supply or is it pretty easy?

just make sure that your power supply and motherboard is not too old or has very low voltage because one of my family members did that and it fried their whole computer, 400w is not a lot to work with, I suggest that you at least get 600w. Most gamers out there have at least have 1000w for their power supply.

Thanks there is a slot and my PC is from this year and I do have to get a power supply the card needs 400w my PC has 300w so I orders one on Amazon that has 520w for a fantastic deal compared to BestBuy 🙂

There may not be a slot for a pci express 2.0 slot for the grphics card and if your computer is really outdated than the graphics card may fry your motherboard

Im also looking into some graphics cards ill probably get the 7770 which comes with farcry 3. But what i really want is a laptop.

Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 are awesome I’m loving Halo 4 a little more but overall really good games and yea that Batman is awesome

I’m getting a new PC optimized for gaming, some games, and 1 year Xbox Live Gold. I really want FarCry 3 I’ll just buy it after it comes out.

well since i already have a ps3 im just gonna play online games on that one and just play somethiing like mario in the wii

ps vita,leather gun slig,buck knife,and a new hat and james your siblings are gonna be really happy with those gifts.

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