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water wheel generator

In this video I show how my water wheel works to produce power. This is my new wheel the old one had been beat up pretty good over the years, I made a few improvements to the design. thanks…


  • Harold Westrich

    Nice Job ! ! ! I think you could get quite a bit more power if you would
    turn that entire structure around and have the water drop down onto top
    dead center with momentum going the direction that the wheel turns. (over
    the top) Like most old water wheel designs.
    That is great that you are getting some power out of your water! ! ! ! 

  • Chris Notap

    very cool. I can see all the auto parts you’ve repurposed, wheel bearings,
    alternator. A few tips/suggestions to make it better. Looks like a GM
    alternator, get rid of it and put in a toyota for reliability and longevity
    and while you’re doing that add a belt tensioner pulley on the bottom of
    the belt (since it rotates counter clockwise) to help give more belt
    purchase on the alt. pulley and to relieve some of the tension on the bike
    wheel bearings. Great set-up you have. You’re a thinker.

  • Jake Longg

    Impressive work. Thanks for sharing. I would double up on the other side of
    that water wheel when you feel like another project.

  • lance huttsell

    Raise the water trough and curve the boards on the wheel to hold more
    water, more like a large cup.. more power…

  • Steel CAD

    Hi M8
    You need to create a artificial pond slightly higher up than your Wheel
    then make the wheel overshot , give you a good push would a overshot wheel
    drive maybe another alternator? just a thought

  • Mike Lamothe

    How would changing the alternator out for a tractor trailer alternator.
    Say a 90 to a 120 amp? Then maybe digging down to lower your power unit
    thereby giving the water more force may produce more umph to keep the wheel
    turning even under load. Just a thought, I am a bodger like yourself and
    learn as I go.

  • James Bowling

    Nice job! Have you ever thought about adding another alternator to your
    wheel? All you would have to do is add another belt and alternator to the
    system and you could double your power. There are a couple easy ways you
    could also make this more efficient. 1) Make it so that you catch the
    water at the top so all the power from the water is used, right now your
    losing some of the power due to hydrodynamics. 2) You could make your pool
    a little deeper so it has a better supply, instead of using wooden boards
    use a green sewage pipe. If you made the pool larger you could tie it
    directly into the pipe with some cement/concrete. That alone would make
    your entire process easier and more efficient. Not to mention you could
    have a real valve to turn it off. Or keep it like it is, it serves its
    purpose and does what you want it too do. I am just an armchair quarter
    back, who wishes I had something similar running through my back yard.

  • Terry Blount

    You know you are getting your power from two factors… !. Volume of water
    flow (you probably can’t change that without doing a rain dance) 2.
    Drop. Your water is dropping about 3 feet….. BUT you can pipe water from
    farther upstream (or move your wheel farther downstream) and significantly
    increase the drop and gain much much much more energy…. but you would
    need a larger water wheel…. or set up two wheels and reuse the water
    before it reaches ground level.

  • ICE AV Sales

    Love your off switch. Are you not worried about the alternator getting all
    wet during a storm.

  • Michael Collinson

    Hi, just enjoyed watching your video and it has certainly given me food for
    thought. I have a small stream that runs all year and a suitable place to
    put a flume into to provide a drop. I like the idea of something for
    nothing and am very impressed with what you have done. I am already using
    my stream to provide water for my garden, I built an hydraulic ram pump
    last year that raises the water some 50 vertically and over 300 feet away I
    can see yet another project ahead of me 🙂 I have also subscribed

  • TheRanchadventures

    Inspiring! I’d love living off grid! (with someone who knows what they’re

  • Paul Linton

    Great project. Be careful with the battery storage. the batteries, while
    charging, off gas hydrogen gas which is highly explosive, especially if
    contained in an enclosed space, like under your tub. Think ventilation.
    Also think corrosion, from the battery acid. The tub lid is good to have
    under them but the tub lid should have ventilation to and from the outside.
    Mounting the Generator higher in the structure would better protect it from
    high water flooding.Cant wait to see the new design. 

  • Dennis Steele

    This video has been inspiring me for some time now. I really like your off
    grid property and I admire your ingenuity. I hope to find something similar
    one day. My folks grew up in Virginia and my pops always talked about the
    creek and swimming hole that went through their property. He always talked
    about moving back to the farm from our home in California. He also always
    told me that his dream was to build a Hydro generating device such as
    yours,but life ran out for him. I hope to cary on his dream and am
    currently researching properties in Tn. Thanks for posting your videos!

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