Walkera M120D01 – InBox And Little About

Features: * The design of flybarless balance characterizes low power loss and great efficiency improvement * With 3-axis gyro and flybarless balance control system amend the stable flight gesture automatically * Adopting high efficient shaft driven system infitely reduces the extra waste of the power system * Mature low voltage driven system presents green, environmental friendly and safety concept * Low voltage and high torque brushless motor can proide strong and durable power * Mini helicopters for indoor. It offers 9-10 minutes flight time after full charged Specification: * Main rotor dia.: 308mm * Tail rotor dia.: 87mm * Overall Length: 291mm * Gyro: 3-axis * All-up weight: 122g (battery included) * Transmitter: WK-2603 * Receiver: RX-2616V * Battery: 3.7V 850mAh Li-po * Brushless motor: WK-WS-15-001 * Brushless speed controller: WK-WST-20A-L * Servo: wk-01-1; weight 3.18g; speed 0.12sec/60° (3.0~4.5V); Torque 0.12kg/cm (3.0~4.5V); dimension 19.2*8.3*19.7mm * Tail servo: wk-03-4; weight 3.5g; speed 0.12sec/60° (3.0~4.5V); Torque 0.2kg/cm (3.0~4.5V); dimension 17.5*6.4*21.7mm * Dimension: 295*72*105mm Sorry for saying that i would compare this one with the V120D05… It’s still at my friends house.. But hope you guys enjoy anyway Bengt
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  • stot2614

    I actually like this because… finally they have a stock cf frame! Looks like a really robust cp micro and I still like the professional torque tube tail. I have to get used to the belt system on m new Gootch 450SE V2 (T-Rex clone)… I know it supposed to be simpler, but when you haven’t repaired a heli with that kind of tail it’s all new to you when it comes to tail repair. Gonna watch your flight video now!

  • Sjoerd Venema

    Flying the Nine Eagles Solo Pro fixed pitch with 45 flybar now.. Want to upgrade to a more difficult heli.. Can buy the V120D01 fixed pitch flybarless or the V120D02 CP. Is there a big difference you think?

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