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Updates On The Off Grid Camper – Solar Power and Heat

I made it through another night after the big snow storm. Read the full details: It got cold inside the camper last n…
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21 replies on “Updates On The Off Grid Camper – Solar Power and Heat”

props bro i spent many nights in a truck almost died so many times i guess im blessed cold weather sucks

I meet with my church a few times per week.

I am happy with my little camper in the woods. I will get this thing fully operational and off the grid this summer and share with others. Then I will never be tied to the utilities again.

God Bless you anyway. Then if you can’t build a log cabin then I know here where I live there are section 8 apartments that never seem all the way filled. If you have no income then you would owe almost no rent. The remainder of the rent I am sure a church or charity would pitch in. The Bible does say to meet with other believers and not be alone.

I’ve been living in an RV for about 3 years on 1 Acre of Land in Las Vegas, Nv, we have our own WellWater:) stay warm, ok?

When summer comes, I would consider using all those trees around you to build a log cabin that is partially buried below ground. A log cabin will be much easier to keep warm and you can build a stone fireplace inside as well.

Not all do, but if you ask the manager at Goodwill for help, they may be able to lead you to one close to your area that might offer such materials. Also talk to remodeling contractors who might be able to help you out as well.  You may have to barter with them for the items you want, such as doing clean-up or other task in exchange.

It always happens that way. The old catch 22 is hard at work against you right now. Seems we are in the same boat on that issue. Check with Goodwill thriftstores and find out which ones have used building materials (plus a whole lot of other goodies) for cheap. If they know the situation they may be more willing to help you out with some freebies. They may also have insulation sheets you could temporarily use to underpin the trailer.

Taking off the wheels is probably a good idea and lower the camper. But I need a heavy duty jack and jack stands for that. This thing is 7,000 pounds.

I plan to skirt this camper asap with something. But the snow has everything buried right now, when I need the heat. Ironic.

I have built a hydrogen booster for a car before, but I am always interested in learning from others. Maybe you can teach me some new tricks. Please come to thediyworld (dot) com forum and tell me your ideas.

There is no water flowing here. But where I am moving to, next week, there is a creek. Its too far away, but I can use a battery and move it back and forth. Lots of work, but its a backup plan.

That is an idea. But now i have this HUGE hole in the roof of my camper for the chimney. I have often thought about alternate places for the stove, but the living room/sleeping area is the best place for the heat. And I have that huge hole in the roof already.

Troy, heat should be your number1 prioity move your stove were you riped out the bed and find a differnt spot for your bench, you should have absolutely no problem heating that place your stove can provide hot water and a cooking spot as well, IT IS # 1 and all you realy need to servive power is a comodity not a nisesity. My spelling sucks to

I made them myself at about $1 per watt. I wrote a book on how to do it yourself. You can find it on thediyworld store.

Sadly, I stored them poorly in winter and ruined a few. I will repair them when the weather gets warm again. The solar cells are fine inside the frames.

Actually the panels that got hurt are the ones I used cheaper and thinner plexiglas on. Bad idea, it warps. These were less than a dollar per watt, but a waste of my time. Never use thin plexiglass.

There is not enough wind here. I am surrounded by trees. But I will be making a wood gas generator with an alternator and gas engine. Some day soon.

You need to build a windmill from an alternator …that will help your charge over night

Well, I had 5 homemade panels and now I am down to 3. But two have water in them. Bad. They need to be dried out and put back together. But thats impossible inside a camper and in the winter. Gonna need to wait for spring to fix them.

Thank you. I have a lot more projects on the way, so keep watching. Visit TheDIYworld forum when you start to go off the grid. I would be happy to help.

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