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Tips for off grid camper living

We have been living off-grid in our camper for a year now.

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Greetings; if you have a tractor supply – lowes nearby all their trailers
get shipped in on plastic covered foam blocks. They give them away free.
Two of those on each side of your vent under the tarp will allow you to
open it and give a little angle to help rain run off. I use 1/3+ kilowatt
solar off grid enough for refrigeration, lights, fans, stick vacuum,
laptop. Another thing for campers, ‘jaws’ reusable plastic mouse traps.
they work well and mice will find you. You can build a fire pit, 1/2 sheet
of plywood & short posts for a lean to cover, cook in the rain. You can
hang a dutch oven over a fire and use it like a croc pot.

well that isn’t really “living” , off or on grid, you basically don’t have
stuff ! that really isn’t a viable solution ! wha i am expecting is
community electricity, running water , tv etc, i think that would be the
way !

if you wrap the bottom of the trailer with tar paper it will help keep the
cold out from under the camper 

a few years with Obamacare, we’ll all be living in a trailer, and we’ll be
grateful we have that. Nice video, great tips. 

Do you have any wind-up ‘Toys?’ Like a radio or hand lamps. I use them
while camping and have them in my preps. I am a fan of wind-ups.

For leaks on campers, go to Lowes and buy the rolls of chimney flashing
that have sticky tar on the back side. It rolls out and sticks to
anything. It will seal airtight and keep the water out. It works on
chimneys, so it will work on campers…I know, because I have used it. It
cost about $20.00 for a 6″X20′ roll.

I would depend of the climate you live in, if this is feasible. A friend
lived in one for over a year in Northern Montana. Winter was really bad for
them as the walls froze solid. But in the South, summer would could be
miserable. I would think you live in one of the best places in the US to
dwell in a camper. We will be in one soon for 6-8 months as we contract our
house to be built. It will be ok with just the kids and me but if my
husband, who currently lives overseas, came home, it would be too tight.

I wish I could do what you’re doing. For many reasons I can’t at this point
in my life. I applaud your tenacity and fortitude.

Stack some straw/ old hay square bales around the skirt for underpinning.
Keeping the wind out from under there will make a considerable difference
on temps and draft during the cold months coming up. Then use the wind
block for garden mulch next spring.
I saw on Drudge this morning that y’all are in for a bad cold snap; stay
warm & YAH bless!
Daniel Lusk

Did you not need to file legal paper work for the land, permits for sewage
and well? If not, how? Don’t the frames rust out? I’d imagine it doesn’t
need inspection stickers to sit and rot?! 

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