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Minneapolis Window Glass Company Reports Nationwide Heat Wave is Causing an Increase in Foggy Home Windows

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Some headlines this summer includes: Washington D.C setting a record with 138 hours above 80 degrees, Heat Wave puts the electrical grid to the test and Nationwide Heat Wave brings record breaking oppressive humidity. Even in Minneapolis Minnesota which is typically referred to as the Nation’s Icebox, it was hotter than in central Florida. It was so hot in many areas of the Twin Cities; it actually caused the roadways to buckle.

In the Midwest where there are large temperature extremes throughout the year, homes are usually built with insulated glass windows or sometimes referred to as thermal pane windows or double pane windows. The components that make up these types of Window Glass typically include glass panes, aluminum spacer, desiccant and the seal that holds it all together as one integral unit.

These windows have an air space or inert glass such as Argon between the two panes of glass. Because of the space between the panes, it creates an insulating effect which can be measured as an R-factor, just as putting fiberglass insulation in your walls and ceilings would do. These types of insulated windows will keep a home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by reducing the amount of temperature transference between the inside and the outside of the building.

Due to the unusually hot summer, we are seeing a lot more Home Window Pane Replacements, says Rick Rosar, owner of Rapid Glass. If you cant wipe off the moisture from the inside or outside of your window, you probably have a seal failure and the window will have to be replaced. Rick explains, Many customers ask if we can replace just one piece of glass in a foggy or broken window, but unfortunately, this is not economical as manufacturing a new unit is cheaper than cutting apart a damaged unit. Once a unit has been leaking for a period of time, the water will etch permanent marks on the inside of the glass.

The desiccant that is inside the window spacer is placed there to compensate for condensation that may be present due to temperature fluctuations, and normally works just fine. Due to many years of large temperature swings from subzero to scorching heat, as well as being bombarded by the suns rays, these seals will usually fail over time. Once the outer seal fails, the desiccant inside the spacer can no longer keep up, and additional moisture enters the unit. As a result of the seal failure, you have the appearance of a foggy window or moisture between the glass.

For 25 years, Rapid Glass has been one of Minnesotas premier Home Window Repair and Replacement Specialists. We provide Quality Same Day Service for most of your Auto, Home and Business Glass needs. Our Customer Service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and can assist the customer with virtually any question they may have.

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Planet Friendly Discounts Eco-Friendly Window Coverings in Celebration of Earth Day

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 20, 2013 (, the highest rated and most reviewed online window coverings store, has announced Buy 3 Get 1 Free discounts on their most popular environmentally friendly products to celebrate Earth Day.

April 22nd marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. Conceived in 1970, Earth Day is the brainchild of then Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson. The annual event brings eco-friendliness to the forefront of Americas consciousness, which in itself is quite a feat, but perhaps the most broad reaching positive impact of this important date is that it led to the creation of the environmental protection agency, better known as the EPA (

The makers of everything from cars to drink containers, like to advertise that their products are eco-friendly. Most products are not necessarily helping the environment; they are simply not harming, or harming it less, than their main stream competitors. The only way for any eco-friendly product to be effective is if people use it. There are plenty of home decor and home improvement products that are eco-friendly that one can buy.

Window coverings are a great example. Eco-friendly window coverings? That sounds pretty impressive, but what is it that defines a window shade as eco-friendly? Select Blinds, maker of the highest rated, most reviewed window shades on the internet, measure up to the green standard based on two different sets of criteria. The first is the product itself. The question is will the manufacturing of the product harm the environment? If the answer is no, then that product can be classified as eco-friendly. Bamboo shades fit the bill here. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, allowing for harvesting of the plants without stripping the land, thus having no negative impact on the environment. Bamboo shades are more than a window shade that qualifies as eco-friendly. They are attractive, durable, and for the do-it-yourself, or the not DIY-er, they are relatively easy to install.

The second way that a product can qualify to be called eco-friendly is that the product is earth friendly, meaning that it helps improve conditions that impact the environment. In the case of window coverings, Select Blinds offers a myriad of earth friendly products.

“Helping the environment is very important to our company,” states Al Silverberg, CEO of “That is why we offer the top rated, top reviewed eco-friendly products on our website, and why I use them in my own home.”

Honeycomb shades are an Earth Day worthy, eco-friendly, environmentally helpful window shade, because improve home insulation. To be fair, windows themselves provide a certain amount of insulation. They may even be double-paned, but they still allow the heat or cold to seep into the home, resulting in more energy consumption from air conditioners and heaters. Honeycomb shades are fabric window coverings that are constructed with an air filled pocket that adds a layer of insulation beyond that provided by the window. This results in keeping out the heat or cold that gets past the window, thus requiring less energy to be expended to keep the desired indoor climate.

In celebration of Earth Day, Select Blinds is offering deep Buy 3 (or more) Get 1 Free discounts on their highest rated eco-friendly window coverings, including bamboo shades, solar shades, roller shades, honeycomb, cellular, pleated, and roman shades, all of which offer various levels of eco-friendly insulation, manufacturing, and design elements.

Learn more about the Select Blinds Earth Day sale going on now at

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Great Day Improvements, LLC Announces Acquisition of the Operating Assets of Stanek Vinyl Window Company

Macedonia, Ohio (PRWEB) January 10, 2013

Great Day Improvements, LLC, announces their acquisition of Stanek Vinyl Window Companys operating assets for an undisclosed price.

Great Day Improvements, a nationally recognized residential and commercial remodeler headquartered in Macedonia, Ohio, intends to manufacture and offer Stanek brand windows as part of its comprehensive line of high quality home improvement products.

Steve White, Managing Partner of the company, said, This is one of several initiatives weve executed to transform and expand Great Day Improvements into a one-stop home improvement company for our customers. The Stanek brand has been in existence for 60 years and in terms of quality, it is an excellent complement to our legendary Patio Enclosures brand. Mr. White added, We are excited about the continued growth of our organization and the additional product offering we will be able to extend to our customers.

Last year Great Day Improvements acquired SoftWall Finishing Systems, manufacturer of an acoustically-efficient panelized interior wall finishing system for basements, home theaters, offices, media rooms and bedrooms.

About Great Day Improvements, LLC

Great Day Improvements, LLC is a residential and commercial remodeler that offers a portfolio of home improvement solutions including: Patio Enclosures brand screen rooms, sunrooms, solariums, room additions, design and build construction and EasyRoom DIY sunroom kits; SoftWall Finishing Systems acoustically-efficient interior panelized wall finishing system for basements, home theaters, offices, media rooms and bedrooms; Backyard solutions including awnings, patio covers, decks, railing and fencing; Hardscape solutions including decorative concrete, stamped concrete, patio pavers, concrete overlays, driveway and sidewalk installation and Stanek energy savings solutions including replacement windows, doors, insulation, radiant barriers, solar shades, window film, siding and roofing. Great Day Improvements operates across 28 states, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has serviced over 250,000 customers nationwide. For additional information, visit