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Eco-Challenge: British Columbia Series [VHS]

Eco-Challenge: British Columbia Series [VHS]

Eco-Challenge: British Columbia Series [VHS]

Case have some wear, three VHS shows clear pictures

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Wiring Batteries in Series and Parallel.m4v

This video demonstrates how to wire batteries in series and in parallel. Series means connecting a negative terminal of one battery to the positive terminal …
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The Producers of the In View Series Hosted by Larry King Announce an Upcoming Film Shoot in Brookville, Pa. Next Week

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

The production team behind the In View series, an informative television series distributed on multiple cable channels and cable networks across the United States, has announced plans for a film shoot in Brookville, Pa. on June 6th. The shows producers and film crew will travel to this small town in northwest Pennsylvania for a shoot about the environment. The In View show informs TV audiences across the country about a wide array of subjects. It looks at numerous stories related to the environment, as people across the country have become more concerned about the effects of mans activities on the Earth and ecosystems worldwide.

In View, hosted by Larry King, looks at different ways individuals, groups, companies and communities have adapted and altered their practices to reduce their carbon footprints and preserve the environment. The In View TV series has looked at ways cities have improved their infrastructures to use resources like water and energy more responsibly. It also features companies that produce environmentally-friendly goods or offer eco-friendly services.

The In View series hosted by Larry King, which is carried on cable networks and cable channels like the Discovery Channel and the Fox Business Network, presents educational programming about a wide range of topics across society, as well as interesting stories, trends and developments across the American economy. Along with content about environmental subjects like conservation efforts and green energy, the TV program looks at interesting technology stories, such as mobile computing technology, e-commerce and cloud computing. It also features programming about numerous medical and health-related subjects.

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How to: Increase Battery Voltage – connecting inverter / charger batteries in series

A quick tutorial on connecting inverter / charger batteries in series to increase voltage. For more information on Tripp Lite’s inverter / chargers and relat…
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Innovation Expo at Stevens Institute of Technology Showcases 2013 University Research and Entrepreneurship and Inaugurates the Thomas H. Scholl Lecture Series

Hoboken, N.J. (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

Event on April 24 Features Keynote Lecture by Globecomm CEO, Student Business Pitch Competition, Spotlight on Financial Systems Center, and Innovation Projects by Students and Faculty

Stevens Institute of Technology will host its 2013 Innovation Expo on April 24, 2013, allowing the public a peek at innovative technologies, products and services developed by students and faculty throughout the year, and introducing a new lecture series on business and entrepreneurship.

The Stevens Innovation Expo is an annual, one-day, campus-wide event which displays the extensive research and innovation accomplishments of faculty and students.

From mobile apps to solar houses to financial software to biomedical products, more than 120 multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students studying engineering, science, business, humanities and many other academic disciplines display capstone senior design projects, research posters and prototypes, which they complete in their final year of study, often with support from industry sponsors.

Students also compete in the Elevator Pitch and Project Plan competitions, selling novel business ideas to established entrepreneurs and active investors.

In addition, Stevens faculty members present poster presentations of their world class research in healthcare, defense, finance and more.

There will also be a special presentation highlighting research from the Financial Systems Center at Stevens, a state-of-the-art financial research and teaching facility that supports Stevens graduate and undergraduate programs in Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Business & Technology and more. The FSC applies systems thinking to analyze and characterize the behavior of the complex global financial system.

The hallmark of Stevens for 143 years has been technological innovation that solves real-world problems, said Stevens Provost George Korfiatis. The annual Stevens Innovation Expo celebrates the breadth and depth of academic study at Stevens and the impact of Stevens research and education within industry and society.

The 2013 Innovation Expo also marks the launch of the Thomas H. Scholl Lecture on Entrepreneurship, which features notable visiting entrepreneurs and executives who have started successful businesses or improved the financial performance of existing companies.

At the Stevens Innovation Expo, inaugural keynote speaker David E. Hershberg MMS 68, founder, CEO and chairman of the satellite communications firm Globecomm Systems and a Stevens alumnus, will share his personal experiences as an accomplished entrepreneur and executive with the Stevens community. He will explain how and why he decided to start two companies in a field dominated by large corporations and discuss some basic lessons about core values, company culture, people management, and financial and legal issues learned over 50 successful years in the business.

The new lecture series, which will feature a number of events throughout the year, is supported by a gift from Stevens Board of Trustees Member Tom Scholl, General Partner at Novak Biddle Venture Partners and a highly successful high tech entrepreneur and investor.

This years Innovation Expo is jam-packed with all kinds of cool events and things to see and hear, said Scholl. I am very pleased to have my good friend, past customer and corporate business partner, David Hershberg, as our inaugural speaker for this new lecture series. Dave has been there and done that. Hes an inveterate entrepreneur who knows one of the secrets of success is finding great people to work with and giving them both the freedom and the structure to achieve whats never been done before. In business, Dave never puts on airs, and in engineering if Dave says it works, then it works. Did he learn those things at Stevens? I dont know, but knowing the culture at Stevens and knowing Dave, it was never surprising to me that he picked up one of his degrees here.

The Stevens Innovation Expo takes place on April 24, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Stevens campus in Hoboken, N.J. For more information and to register, visit

About Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology, The Innovation University

ELV – WALKERA V120D01 Flybarless V Series 6CH Helicopter RTF – 2.4GHz

Flybarless V series newly issued by Walkera, executes a perfect combination of shape and performance. V120D01 using the flybarless and swashplate fixed pitch structure successfully applies the flybarless technology in mini indoor helicopter. Three-axis gyro control design pushes the steady flying into a new level. V series deducts the creative design and the concept of leading the age trend. Features: Metal parts: Both main rotor head and swashplate are machined by CNC center. Processing focuses on detail and reveals the combination of refinement and perfection Power system: Brushless motor ensures the safety of power and offers smart control feeling Three-axis gyro system: Three-axis gyro takes control over the balance in the three directions of elevator, aileron and rudder, and features automatic amending the flight status. It is the optimal model for the beginners D/R mode: Equipped with new WK-2403 radio, the pilot can switch the D/R mode according to his hand feeling, with easy setting The design of flybarless balance characterizes low power loss and great efficiency improvement Three-axle gyro control makes the Flybarless balance system automatically amend the flight status and provide favorable safety for the beginners Adopting high efficient shaft driven system infinitely reduces the extra waste of the power system Mature low voltage driven systerm presents green, environmental friendly and safety concept Low voltage and high torque brushless motor can provides

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As Obama states control our energy future*, NRG Expert publishes a series of market research reports to help companies understand how to do just that

US, America (PRWEB UK) 4 February 2013

To help companies understand the complex energy market, NRG Expert has published a series of energy market research reports. If you are watching the Obama administration closely and following their energy policies, then these reports provide a valuable source of in depth data and energy information.

Here are some of the energy issues which are close to Obama’s heart and the relevant energy reports published by NRG Expert:

>> Fuel reserves

Americans understand that with only 2% of the worlds oil reserves, we cannot simply drill our way to lower gas prices. Obama quoted on Real Clear Politics*. One of Obama’s key aims is to decrease dependency on foreign oil. He states The US consume 20% of world oil but only have 2% of oil reserves. **

For a full understanding of global fuel reserves, NRG Expert have published an in depth database called the Power Generator Database and Report. To find out more visit

>> Natural gas

The Diamond Black Online*** states that the debate on fracking continues. On one side, environmentalists are attempting to permanently ban fracking until more studies can be done, while others are seeking to expedite the process by which it would be permitted. While it is true natural gas produces fewer carbon emissions than other fossil fuels, it can still cause water pollution and industrial water waste. To understand the technology and full environmental impact of fracking, and really get to the bottom of this debate, review NRG Expert’s Reports on Natural Gas and Shale Gas.

>> Renewable energy

The President asks everyone to tell their elected officials to fight for a clean energy future****. Early in his second inaugural address, President Obama reminded us that climate change still exists, despite having largely been swept aside by more pressing matters, like the economy. While economic issues are top of everyones mind, he asks that the nation looks for ways to produce greener, renewable energy. For in depth research on the Renewables Industry, NRG Expert have produced a collection of reports including in depth research on solar energy, hydro power, biomass and more. For more information review NRG Experts Renewable Energy Market Research Reports

>> Wind energy

In an attempt to help power the state with green, renewable energy, Gov. Martin OMalley has led an effort to establish a large wind farm off the coast of Ocean City. While the Gazette***** reports that ‘Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to establish an offshore wind farm might be poised to breeze through the General Assembly this year, but it will be at least five years before any turbines are constructed’. NRG Expert have completed an analysis of the global wind energy market. To understand this topic more thoroughly review their Global Wind Energy Report.

>> Energy Market Research Reports

NRG Expert provides cutting-edge energy market research, databases, forecasts, consultancy and analysis to the worlds leading companies, consultancies and investment houses.

They provide in-depth energy data, reports, and energy statistics in the following sectors: Power and Infrastructure; Metering & Smart Grid; Utility Guides; Fossil Fuel & Conventional Energy; Renewable Energy; Water & Waste Market; and Finance & Regulatory energy information.

If you want to get the full facts behind the energy debates and policies visit


*Real Clear Politics 10 March 2012

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***Diamond Black 13 Jan 13,

****The White House Weekly Address 3 March 12

*****Gazette 25 Jan 13

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Global Animal Rights Activist Inspires New Story in Children’s Book Series. “Mubu and Goldie – Her First Elephant” Based on the Story of Lek Chailert’s First Elephant

Bridgewater, NJ (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

The Mubu The Little Animal Doctor books, are inspired by the childhood adventures of Sangduen Lek Chailert, written by life long animal activist and author, Peter Alexander, and brilliantly illustrated by Brazilian artist, Paulo Sergio.