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Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Is the fact that you would like to learn how to conserve energy and help out Mother Earth but just don’t know how to get started making you feel really bad… maybe you have even thought about just giving up?

Does it seem like you’ve tried everything in your power to learn how to live green when it comes to energy, and no matter how hard you try and despite your commitment to the issue, you’re still plagued with: Not knowing what is needed to get started, Not understanding alter


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Planet Friendly Launches Website to Help Home Owners Save Money on Electricity Costs

(PRWEB) May 24, 2014

Wind turbines have long been used by industries to contribute to energy generation and to lower energy costs. Cheap and powerful, wind turbines are becoming easier to install and maintain, making them a cost effect energy source for most industries. Due to the recent improvements in wind turbine technology, the benefits that can be derived from wind turbines can also now be had by homeowners, especially those who plan on taking their homes completely off the grid for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. launches a new website to help homeowners save money by offering for sale home wind turbine kits.

Why Wind Turbines?

Wind is everywhere and it does not cost anything, making it an ideal power source if consumers are only willing to spend for the upfront costs of installing a home wind turbine. A regular home system can easily generate enough power to support the appliances and lighting fixtures in a home, which can translate to considerable savings in power bills over time.

Home wind turbines harness wind power in order to generate electricity that consumers can use in lieu of grid power for the home. As the blades turn, they catch wind and the wind drives the blades around, which moves the turbine and generates power. In areas with strong wind speeds, more electricity is produced. Wind turbines come in two configurations, a building mount and a pole mount. Building-mounted turbines produce less power than pole mounted turbines, but they are cheaper to install since they can installed directly on the roof of any home.

Benefits of Installing Home Wind Turbines

There are so many benefits of installing wind turbines for the home, from reduced power bills to cleaner energy use. A few of the benefits that consumers can start enjoying include the following:

Lower power bills: Installed wind turbines can take care of power consumption for a majority of the appliances and lighting fixtures in the house. With a major portion of energy consumption addressed by another source, homeowners can expect lower power expenditures from the grid.

Added income stream: Consumers have the option of channelling excess wind turbine power back to the grid for reasonable compensation. The credit that they can get from the local power company may be enough to cover monthly power charges and for those who are living totally off the grid, can actually serve as a good passive and steady income stream. This is also a good way to recoup the total installation costs for the system.

Stored energy sources for windless days: Wind turbine energy can be stored in batteries to be used for windless days. This eliminates the need for generators and other forms of backup sources of power.

Tax benefits: Some states are taking the initiative to put up attractive compensation for homeowners willing to put up wind turbine systems. These could take the form of tax credits or zero sales tax when purchasing the wind turbine equipment. Feed-in tariffs employed by some states pay homeowners compensation for the energy the systems produce, even if they consume the energy themselves. Consumers also get paid additional compensation for excess energy that goes to the grid. Consumers can check with their local state regulations for specific incentives offered to those who choose to install a wind turbine system in the home.

Reduced carbon footprint: Wind turbine energy is clean energy since there is no combustion and no consumption of carbon fuels. The generation of wind energy does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. With a clean source of energy, environmentally conscious homeowners can effectively lower their carbon footprints even more.

Longevity: With the right maintenance, a home wind turbine system can last for up to 20 years. Maintenance checks are done once every few years and parts may need replacements for the same duration as well. Homeowners who are worried about the cost of maintenance often get back the costs from the total energy savings and extra income they get from the wind turbine system.

The installation of wind turbines for homes is a major step towards a conscious and effective way of lowering household carbon footprints and living a sustainable lifestyle. Although the initial costs for the equipment and installation can be great, this system of generating a clean and renewable energy source will pay for itself many times over down the road. was launched just a few days ago into an increasingly popular market as home owners strive to save money on their increasing electricity bills.

Visit for more information.

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Green Mama by Tracey Bianchi – Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet Review

planet friendly
by Jeremiah Ro

Climate change is one of the most complex and urgent scientific and social issues of the 21st century. Despite increasing warnings of the dangers of altering the Earth’s climate, we continue to release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Those who cannot hold us accountable today-such as future generations, the global poor and nonhuman species, will be harmed the most by our failure to change course.

Tracey Bianchi is a married mother of three young children, living in Chicago. Her concern for the environment and its effect on her family and future generations inspired her to write Green Mama: The Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Children Save the Planet.

Bianchi earned a master of divinity degree and is a frequent speaker and writer on topics of Christianity. Regardless of your religious beliefs or denomination, and whether or not you have children, Green Mama will enlighten you to the earth’s dwindling resources; and how you can help their preservation.

Here, the topics of carbon footprints and carbon offsets related to climate change are highlighted, along with using our purchasing power and greening holiday traditions.

Carbon Footprint. The day we’re born we begin leaving an ecological footprint on the world. Bianchi notes that Genesis I invites us to be stewards of the earth. “Sadly we take more than we were ever given and leave a bigger mark than the earth can handle,’ she says. A carbon footprint results from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of our lifestyles. Driving a car, flying in a plane, heating our homes and running appliances are all contributors. Ultimately, we want to tread lightly on the earth whenever possible. This includes limiting our water usage, walking instead of driving, and using clean, biodegradable products.

Carbon Offsets. Carbon offsets are carbon credits you buy from nonprofit organizations; and are often viewed as “apologies to the planet.” Your tax deductible purchases help better the environment in various ways, including planting trees in the Amazon and protecting wildlife.

Purchasing Power. “A truly sustainable and planet-friendly life will take every day tasks like drinking coffee and getting dressed, and whenever possible, turn them into ways to make a difference,” says Bianchi. Whenever possible, make your purchases count.

Fair prices help keep farmers and the communities they serve in tact. Fair trade companies support the small growers vs. their corporate counterparts. They also treat their workers with dignity and respect and ban child labor. Fair trade products may cost more, but many are made with ecological integrity, aim for sustainability and preserve the environment. To exert your purchasing power:

Shop near home. Support local businesses vs. big -box stores, and your community will benefit in a variety of ways. This includes more tax dollars for schools and maintained downtown rental prices, due to its vitality.
Eat locally. Many local restaurants offer unique dishes inspired by family traditions, vs. menus devised by distant corporate headquarters. They’re also apt to serve area seasonal cuisine not available through national restaurant chains.

Green Traditions-Celebrating Holidays and Special Events. “Family traditions are a great time to make some eco-friendly changes that draw your family closer to creation,” says Bianchi. Here are some ideas for greening your special occasions:

Establish family traditions that celebrate events like Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice.
Donate duplicate gifts and unwanted toys to charity vs. exchanging them at the store.
Go paperless when wrapping gifts-use kid-friendly pillowcases for children’s presents and canvas bags for adults.
Green up invitations, thank you notes and holiday cards-send electronic greetings instead.
Decorate more naturally during the seasons-use gourds at Thanksgiving and patriotic flowers on the Fourth of July.
Plant a tree commemorating a special day or in memory of a deceased family member.

Climate change is an ecological concern today and for future generations. Explore more about the topic; and help promote awareness with friends and family. Use your purchasing power and special holiday celebrations as symbols of its importance.

To determine your family’s carbon footprint, visit

Timothy Zaun is a blogger, speaker and freelance writer. Visit him online at

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Green Living Tips – How to Go Green and Save Money

Green living is now on most everyone’s agenda. As surprising as it may sound, even kids are leading the way in some households.But there are still some people who think that green living is beyond them as it’s perceived to be too expensive. We’re not talking solar panels and wind turbines here folks! Everyone can practice green living each day without breaking the bank with just some simple tips. Here they are…

Green living tip # 1

Throw out the Dryer!

Okay, that might be a little extreme. But seriously guys, one of the best ways to go green is to stop using or reduce the use of your dryers. They use an immense amount of energy and I’m sure you feel it in your pocket each month when you get the electric bill. If you have just 2 people living in a household and you wash every other week, you still have to do multiple loads. I do like 4-5 loads on average, so using the dryer does add up.

You really don’t need to use the dryer to dry your clothes. If you live in the tropics like I do or even if you live in warm climates, hang your clothes out to dry. The sunshine and air are great for drying clothes. Shrinkage and discoloration are also reduced, so you save money on clothes as well. How cool is that? Some of you may be concerned about bird droppings. I have big trees in my yard, matter of fact all the clothes lines are under trees which habour lots of birds, but I’ve never had that problem. Chances are you won’t either.

And if I don’t live in the tropics or warm climates, you ask. Simple, you can still reduce the use of the dryer. Unless you live in Alaska maybe, I’m sure it doesn’t rain and snow all the time. So make use of the good days and only use the dryer on those days when you don’t have a choice. Your pocket will still say, thank you!

For Green Living you may have to get creative or do some rescheduling like wash more on the weekends instead of during the week so you can take your clothes up. But in the end it will be worth it, you can even get the kids involved.

Green living tip # 2

Reduce water use

Want to live greener and save money? You should check all taps for leaks regularly and fix those you find. Take shorter showers. Yeah I know, that can be a real damper. I had to adjust to taking shorter showers myself but, there was a real difference in my water bill once I started praticing it. Go a step further and invest in an energy saving shower head. Oh and those bubble baths, you might want to give them up totally or reduce the number of times you have them. Save them for special occasions, that should give you something to look forward to. While you’re at it, if you don’t already have one, think about getting a new toilet cistern that uses less than two gallons of water per flush. Standard cisterns use about three and a half gallons. Using less water uses less energy and saves you money!

Green living tip # 3

Forget driving for very short trips, walk instead!

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to drive everywhere, even around the corner to pick up the newspaper.Have you ever wondered what on earth did they do before they had a vehicle? Yep, I’ve wondered myself.

Well for the sake of the environment and your own, you need to develop the habit of walking more. As long as it’s safe for you to do so, walk for those shorter trips. The health benefits of walking are great, it keeps you fit and keeps you in shape. Ladies you know where inactivity can pack on those pounds, right where we don’t want them to go. Walking can also eliminate or help to reduce circulatory problems.

For moderate trips consider using a cycle. What, you don’t know how to ride? Life is an adventure! Grab yourself a helmet, some knee and elbow pads and go learn, you’re never to too old to learn new things. Moreover it can be so much fun!

So, only rev up that automobile when it’s absolutely necessary. Gas is precious and it pollutes the atmosphere. Save on burning it and you can save on your cash, as well as help the environment.

These are just some simple things you can do to practice green living that won’t put you out of pocket and you can have some fun while doing them too.

For more great ideas about simple green living tips visit []

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KeysCaribbean Says Schools Out! With May Stay & Play Offers: Save Up to 50% Off, Complimentary Nights & Book Now Pay Later

Key Largo, Florida (PRWEB) April 29, 2014

KeysCaribbean Luxury Resort Villas & Marinas present three reasons to getaway, stay and play in the Florida Keys this May. “The Longer You Stay in Paradise, The More You Save special discount offers a lower nightly rate for each additional day booked, and guests can receive generous rates of up to 50 percent off, or complimentary night stays at all KeysCaribbean luxury resorts all season. There is also an advance booking special that requires no deposit until two weeks prior to arrival date; plus a 100 percent cancellation guarantee.

May in the Florida Keys is the perfect time for any stand-up paddleboard enthusiasts as well as anyone looking for a little a little angling fun or some great music to round out a tropical vacation.

Head to Higgs Beach May 1-4 for the Key West Paddleboard Classic. This ocean paddleboard race will provide participants with an exciting and challenging 12-mile course. Circle the scenic mangrove of Key West while also passing by the Historic Seaport district and many other important Key West spots. The race is open to paddlers on standup paddleboards, prone boards, outrigger canoes, dory boats, surf skis and kayaks.

With $ 15,000 in cash and prizes on the line, all anglers and fisherman will want to be in Marathon May 9-10 for the 8th Annual Mothers Day Dolphin Tournament. Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys invites participants to fish for a cause, with all entry fees for the tournament will go to building two new affordable homes in Marathon. Nearby, Coral Lagoon Resort Villas & Marina and Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina in Marathon, and Village at Hawks Cay Villas & Marina in Duck Key, offer luxury Florida Keys accommodations with free Wi-Fi Internet and free unlimited local and long distance calls. The resorts also offer the up to 50 percent special discount. Guests can also receive a complimentary night with a minimum stay of three nights at Village at Hawks Cay or five nights at Coral Lagoon or Indigo Reef.

Continuous music, original live performances and much more delight the senses at the Key Largo Original Music Festival May 15-18. Great food, spectacular entertainment and a real Key Largo ambiance will be in plentiful supply during this festival event. Hit songwriters and musicians will be performing several musical genres across multiple stages for the four-day event. Nearby, Mariners Resort Villas & Marina and Ocean Pointe Resort Suites & Marina offer luxury Key Largo accommodations, courtesy Wi-Fi Internet and unlimited local and long distance calls. There is also an up-to-50-percent-off special discount and every fourth night is on-the-house with a minimum three night stay.

“May in the Florida Keys provides something unique for everyone whether you are an avid fisherman, outdoor sportsman or lover of relaxation, food, music and warm weather fun. We are pleased to provide our guests with reasons to stay and play in May, including our special discount of up to 50 percent off our normal rates, as well as our complimentary night stay packages and advance booking rate, said Sam Schorr, KeysCaribbean managing director.

Discounts are subject to availability. Some restrictions apply to the 100 percent cancellation guarantee. To receive the advance booking special, booking must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to arrival date. Complimentary night stays require minimum night stays, have limited availability and certain restrictions apply. Please see the KeysCaribbean website for more details. For reservations book direct at or call 305.853.5000.

About KeysCaribbean

KeysCaribbean is a dynamic, boutique resort company specializing in operating Florida Keys resort villas and marinas from Key Largo to Key West. CEO Craig Hunt, the former vice chairman of Intercontinental Hotel Group and past president of Holiday Inn Worldwide, along with managing director Sam Schorr, possess more than 60 years of experience in operating and marketing unique and exclusive destination resorts and marinas.

KeysCaribbean is committed to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Green Lodging Florida program. Mariners Resort Villas & Marina is designated as a Green Lodging property by the Florida Green Lodging Program.


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Save on Smart & Green, Outdoor Portable Lighting, Now Available at

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 is pleased to offer the latest product introductions from Smart & Green. This young French company based at the foot of the Alps in Grenoble, has experience in engineering and functional product design. They are known for technological advances and a panache for innovation. Smart & Green’s goal is to light up your life with color in smart, yet simple ways noted Susan Inderbinen, President of Providing light for everyone, everywhere, incorporates complex systems, made user friendly in everyday objects. This is the companys mission, along with their commitment to be environmentally friendly. The company philosophy is to make optimum use of light without excessive energy use, while using 100% recycled diffusers. Since they are unbreakable, they give you peace of mind and meet your needs for portable lighting.

Founded in 2008, Smart & Green manufactures portable LED lighting products, waterproof lighting and rechargeable. Cordless lighting allows you to light your surroundings according to your preferences. You can create a new mood every day. The product line uses intuitive technology that improves your daily life. The assortment covers a variety of needs and uses, from a simple sphere of floating light, to the creation of complex moods and scene setting special events lighting. Their mission is for you to enjoy your light. They create products that hold a special place in the hearts and daily lives of their users. Three new smaller shapes are now available for the US market. They are Dice LED, a 9.9 square cube, Exit LED an abstract shape of a candle flame which is 10.2 tall, and Pearl LED a 9.8 diameter ball. Any of these shapes, in these new smaller sizes, can be charged to operate cordless as a table centerpiece, placed in a garden, or floating pool lighting. All Smart & green products offer ecofriendly lighting, unlimited colors, are 100% waterproof, are remote controllable, and shock resistant.

For more information go to:

Smart & Green

Save On Smart & Green, Outdoor Portable Lighting, Now Available at

When we first started, we decided our niche was going to be our passion; unique, well made, contemporary, energy efficient lighting that offers value and performance. Whenever possible, we seek out LED options, as this is the future of lighting as we see it. We also carry ceiling fans and fireplaces. However, Smart & Green was the very first product we featured in 2008, just as they were opening up the US Market. Since then, the brand has become one of our most popular. We offer an extensive array of their Original and French Collections with remote accessories. For the first time ever, we wanted to reward our customers for their loyalty for Smart & Green, by partnering with the manufacturer to offer a 10% savings on all Smart & Green products through the end of April. By blending function and form, color, waterproof, cordless, rechargeable LED technology that is made of recycled materials, we know we have a winner on our hand. Now, with an extra 10% savings through the end of April, you can too noted Susan.


At our mission is to offer the finest energy efficient contemporary lighting and light fixtures from around the world. We have assembled an exciting collection of the industries most innovative decorative and architectural lighting. We are proud to offer lighting solutions for both your home and work-life environments. Simplicity in design is complicated, function makes it last. Be inspired by our range of essential designs from well respected American and European manufacturers. In todays world, energy efficient lighting is as important as eco-friendly or green lighting fixtures, such as LED or CFL lighting. We offer the very best energy efficient lighting and light fixtures, both high value LED lighting fixtures and CFL lighting fixtures in modern and contemporary styles that provide quality, innovation and authenticity.

Email: sales(at)lightkulture(dot)com

Tel. 941-330-0422

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How One Block Off the Grid helps you save money on electricity

For more information on how you can save money every month on electricity bill, google “One Block Off the Grid”, visit or call 877-444-4002. …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Amazon Gift Card – E-mail – Earth Day (Save the Planet) [Someecards]

Amazon Gift Card – E-mail – Earth Day (Save the Planet) [Someecards]

Amazon Gift Card - E-mail - Earth Day (Save the Planet) [Someecards]

  • Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.
  • Multiple gift card designs and denominations to choose from
  • Redeemable toward millions of items store-wide at or certain affiliated websites
  • Available for immediate delivery or to schedule in advance Gift Cards for Any Occasion You can buy e-mail gift cards for any amount between .15 and ,000.00. Gift Cards are the perfect way to give them exactly what they’re hoping for–even if you don’t know what it is. Recipients can choose from millions of items storewide. Gift Cards never expire, so they can buy something immediately or wait for that sale of a lifetime. E-mail gift cards generally arrive within 15 minutes of being ordered if you choose “Now” as

List Price: $ 50.00


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Jessica Alba and The Honest Company Dare You to Save the Planet

Washington, DC (PRWEB) March 13, 2013

Today Actress and Co-Founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, was announced as the newest global ambassador for Earth Hour, the worlds largest mass participation event that has become the iconic symbol of peoples commitment to protect the planet.

Alba, together with Christopher Gavigan, Sean Kane and Brian Lee, all co-founders of eco-friendly family brand The Honest Company, are lending their support to the cause through a fun I Will If You Will challenge, in line with the companys focus on promoting health and sustainability.

Christopher, Sean, Brian and I, founders of The Honest Company will let our kids dress the whole Honest team, including us, for work for one day IF 10,000 people commit to switch to using non-toxic products in their home, Alba said.

As global ambassador, Alba is also encouraging those who accept The Honest Company challenge to participate in Earth Hours monumental lights off event on Saturday, March 23 at 8:30PM.

The choices we all make in our daily lives can make a massive difference, not only to our children, but also to the very planet on which we live. I hope youll accept the Honest challenge and help us take the mission of Earth Hour, beyond the hour, she said.

WWFs Director of International Climate Policy, Keya Chatterjee, echoes Albas message.

As a concerned mother like Jessica, I work every day to make sure that the next generation will inherit a habitable planet. I love Earth Hour because it is a time when we can show off the reach of our global movement to protect the environment and tackle climate change. When we come together for Earth Hour, we are setting the stage for a brighter tomorrow.

Christopher Gavigan says he hopes the challenge will help parents make better choices for their families and for the planet.

I hope that by challenging parents to commit to buying non-toxic and eco-friendly products, they can inspire their own friends, family and colleagues to make a commitment to positively impact our planet, he said.

Its important to consider where our products come from, whats in them and the impact they have on the environment before they reach our shelves, during their time in our homes and after were done with them. I believe Earth Hour is a movement that empowers people to make a difference, and Im excited to be a part of it.

Earth Hour, which World Wildlife Fund helped start in 2007, has grown from a one-city initiative to a 7,001-city/town global movement. Last year it reached an estimated 2 billion people in 152 countries and territories across all seven continents.

To make your I Will If You Will challenge and accept The Honest Company challenge visit

To follow the Honest story and join in the conversation visit

For more information on Earth Hour visit

Earth Hour 2013 will take place at 8.30pm 9.30pm on Saturday 23 March

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Save the Planet (52 Brilliant Ideas)

Save the Planet (52 Brilliant Ideas)

Save the Planet (52 Brilliant Ideas)

The plight of the environment is never far from the headlines these days – sea levels are rising, mild winters are now commonplace, more and more species are becoming endangered, and we’re throwing away so much rubbish we’re running out of places to hide it. But where do we start when it comes to doing our bit? How do you reduce your carbon footprint, and what is one anyway? Natalia Marshall has spent the last few years working out exactly how she can have a lesser impact on the environment, and

List Price: $ 3.23


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