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Gabstr Launches New Gabstr for Business by Offering Sales Ambassadors a Chance to Win a Trip to Rio for Two

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2014

Everyday millions of people on this planet sit next to each other in public places, pass each other on the street, and visit the same restaurants or businesses while remaining perfect strangers. Gabstr is the hot new app that breaks down barriers between people, and opens up interaction between community members and visitors to the same location. Gabstr is excited to announce the launch of their Gabstr for Business feature, and is looking for help in San Francisco to spread the word.

Gabstr, a group messaging app for people with similar interests in the same area, has launched a feature specifically for businesses to take advantage of, and we need your help to spread the word! stated Domingo Montanaro, CEO of Gabstr. You will have the entire month of June to get as many businesses to sign up as possible, and in the mean-time you will build connections and skills that last a lifetime. Not to mention the prizes being offered are amazing!

Become a brand ambassador for Gabstr and be entered to win an all-expenses paid trip to Rio de Janeiro for two. The contest will be held from June 1st to the end of the month, and is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the San Francisco area.

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador for Gabstr?

A brand ambassadors goal is to show local small businesses the benefit of using Gabstr to engage customers, and to get them to sign up for a free Gabstr for Business account. During the month of June, Gabstr ambassadors will be working towards getting as many businesses as possible to sign up for their business account at no obligation, and the person who gets the most sign-ups will be enjoying the sunny vistas of Rio with a friend of their choice. The second place prize is a trip to Las Vegas, and the third place winner will get to enjoy a night out with the Gabstr team. Happy hour anyone?

About Gabstr for Business

Businesses have the ideal crowd for Gabstr users. Customers can interact with businesses about their products, sales and hours, and it can also be used as a platform to spread the word about sales or promotions going on. When a business uses Gabstr, they know that their marketing efforts are going directly to people in their vicinity, who could potentially redirect themselves right into their doors. Its also a way to engage locals who havent had the chance to visit a business yet, and get them interested. Signing up for a Gabstr for Business account is a risk free, zero obligation task that takes only minutes, and it is just as fun to use as Facebook or Twitter. Another benefit of this feature is that it utilizes the adrenaline of proximity since users are guaranteed to be in the same area at the same time. Client and customers like it because they dont have to follow or like a businesss page to interact with them.

For competition rules and enrollment, please visit

About Gabstr

Gabstr is a group messaging app for people with similar interests in the same vicinity. Users can create their own groups and interact with potential friends about anything they like or happenings in that locality. Download and give it a try now:

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(877) 20-SOLAR Now Offering Zero Down Lancaster Solar Installation

Lancaster, California (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills is now offering zero down Lancaster solar installation. The demand for solar power systems in Lancaster has sky rocketed due to recent mandates requiring new homes to produce solar energy and Solar Center is proud to help expand the solar energy field by offering customers a way to receive solar panels with no upfront cost. Solar Center provides complete solar energy systems that allow customers to start saving on their electrical bills immediately.

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills is partners with Sun Power, the manufacturer of the worlds most scientifically sophisticated solar panels. Solar Centers Sergio Bruna stated, “The greatest benefit of installing solar panels for a homeowner is lower electrical bills. If your home is particularly suitable to generating solar energy, this can be an extremely significant change. In fact, most utility companies allow you to sell excess energy back to the utility companies whenever you generate more than you use. So many people are unsure of what additional changes to their electrical system are needed.. The only changes that will need to be made to your electrical system are the solar panels and the equipment that they use to connect to your existing electrical system,” when asked about the benefits of installing solar panels.

The daily rising cost of electricity has become a major reason that solar panel installation has increased. (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills wants their customers to be able to lower their electricity bills and free themselves from the burden of rising electricity costs. (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills innovative stance on solar energy has allowed them to help people get solar panels installed without the high cost that is normally associated with the process.

When asked about the cost of solar panels being a huge deterrent for homeowners, Mr. Bruna stated, ‘Solar Center not only offers free installation, they also offer a leasing programs so that you have absolutely No upfront costs. The solar panels on your rooftop start generating electricity from Day 1. This significantly reduces your monthly electric bill. For most homeowners, the reduced electric bill plus solar payment are less than the old electric bill. Bottom line, you pay nothing for the installation of your solar panels and less each month for electricity than you did before the installation of the solar panels.”

About (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills, the leading Los Angeles solar installation company is now the leading Lancaster solar installation company. For more information on how to go solar, please call 877 20 Solar or visit their website at

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One Clean Planet Aims at Offering Consumers a Natural and Safe Alternative to Traditional Paints with Its Zero VOC Paints, Primers and Clear Finishes

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

The paint industry has undergone some major shifts in recent years. New regulations limiting the use of various chemicals has helped make safer products available, but theres still a long way to go for truly safe, chemical-free paints and coatings. One Clean Planet has made it their goal to set the bar higher and is now offering consumers numerous kinds of Safecoat finishes, paints and clear finished that are truly toxic free and some of the most naturally safe coatings you can buy.

Safecoats top-of-the-line paints offer durable, long-lasting finishes that look good for years. They use some of the highest quality, most highly refined ingredients available, which eliminate the residual toxic chemicals found in typical paints so naturally they were a perfect fit for the One Clean Planet portfolio of products, said Adam Radly CEO and Founder of One Clean Planet.

The Safecoat products avoid extenders, drying agents, formaldehyde, mildewcides and fungicides so they are truly one of the best naturally safe products available. One Clean Planet has priced its Safecoat products as low as possible in an effort to make them accessible to the masses. One Clean Planet hopes its aggressive pricing strategy will enable more consumers to buy some of the safest paints and coatings for their homes, said Mr. Radly.

About One Clean Planet

One Clean Planet has been established to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. With One Clean Planet you can get a professional home energy audit that will show you how you can lower your electricity costs and improve the air quality in your home, use proprietary energy management software to monitor energy use in your home and buy energy efficient and environmentally friendly products for your home and your family. With One Clean Planet you can save money and save the planet at the same time.

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Zareba Expands Library of Online Resources Offering Tips on Battery Recharging for Electronic Fencing

Lititz, PA (PRWEB) October 09, 2012

Woodstream Corporation, a global manufacturer of animal control products including FiShock, Zareba and ElectroBraid brand of electronic containment systems that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed wire fencing, now offers tips on how to recharge and maintain an energizers battery via the companys online learning center. Following a few simple tips can help save fence owners money and keep them safe.

Andrea Itnyre, category development associate for the electronic containment division of Woodstream, said, A battery charger puts energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. Understanding how different battery chargers work and how to handle and store batteries is important in prolonging the life of a battery and keeping the user safe.

To ensure the longest life of energizer batteries, users should follow a multi-step process in an effort to store them properly. Woodstream recommends turning off the energizer when not in use and removing its batteries. We suggest that batteries be stored in a well-lit area on a wooden board, isolating them from the ground, where the temperature stays moderate, said Itnyre. Giving the batteries a charge before and after use is also recommended.

Itnyre continued, To ensure safety, always use a battery charger with the appropriate electrical rating to match the battery being used. With 6 and 12 volt energizers, Woodstream suggests using an automobile or deep cycle battery.

In an effort to avoid damaging solar powered electric fence controller batteries, avoid charging them with an automobile charger, since the voltage and current of an automobile battery is rated much higher than a lead-acid sealed solar fence battery. A trickle charger is recommended for use with a solar fence battery.

A trickle charger should also be used to maintain a solar fence battery when the fence controller is not in use for more than three months. The battery should be stored outside of the energizer. When the battery is removed from the fence controller, it should be charged for no longer than 18 hours, stored at a moderate temperature and placed on a wooden board keeping it off the ground.

Before the battery is reinstalled into the fencer for use, it should be recharged for an additional 18 hours to ensure it is fully charged for operation.

For more information, contact Andrea Itnyre at aitnyre (at) woodstream (dot) com or 717-626-2125, ext. 464.

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Reader Service Inquiries: Andrea Itnyre; Woodstream Corporation; 69 North Locust Street, Lititz, Pa. 17543; aitnyre (at) woodstream (dot) com; 717-626-2125, ext. 464.


Woodstream Corporation is a global manufacturer of animal control products including FiShock, Zareba and ElectroBraid brand of electronic containment systems that provide safe, economical alternatives to barbed wire fencing. The company also manufactures products for home and garden, wild bird feeding and pest control. Woodstream is a privately-held company that has a 150 year history of excellence, growth and innovation in the industry.