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Green living: Great Christmas gifts made from recycled materials

Green Living Show Toronto 2008
green living
Image by Shaun Merritt
Becky Smit, Elizabeth May, and Co. at the Green Living Show ,Toronto 2008.

Green living: Great Christmas gifts made from recycled materials
Green living: Great Christmas gifts made from recycled materials. Sarah Lonsdale meets the designer and makers recycling materials to create new, eco-friendly products that will last. Contemporary: furniture-maker Henry Swanzy uses ash, cork and …

4 Ways to Show Your Cat Some Love
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Profile in Green Living – San Antonio Business Journal
Profile in Green Living. San Antonio Business Journal by Shari L. Biediger. Date: Friday, November 16, 2012, 5:00am CST. Enlarge Image · Jim Bastoni explains how Images Homes is making green thinking a production rule, not an. Lyndsey Johnson / San …
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Builder Guide Raises Awareness On Which Materials & Technologies Qualify For 5% VAT

Market Harborough, Leicestershire (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

With most household budgets stretched to the maximum, Builder Guide is taking proactive measures to remind consumers of the considerable savings available when purchasing certain items to improve the insulation of their home or to install renewable energy technologies to generate heat or electricity.

The savings to be had are associated with the VAT element when purchasing qualifying products, as well as the installation of such products. Rather than being charged the full VAT rate of 20%, the VAT rate applicable on energy saving materials is just 5%, so the savings can be substantial, particularly if youre opting to purchase and install a renewable technology such as a ground source heat pump.

The lower VAT rate legislation on energy saving materials applies to UK domestic households only. However, there is a possible question mark as to how much longer this will be available as the European Commission wants the UK to amend this legislation. The good news for consumers is that the Treasury is unwilling to make the change. They are using the 5% VAT rate to encourage UK households to make improvements to their homes to help reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy bills and so understandably the Treasury do not want to change this.

David Holmes, Builder Guides Founder commented, UK consumers need all the help they can get in the current economic climate, and the lower VAT rate of 5% on energy saving and heating products is a huge help, especially considering home owners energy bills are constantly on the rise. Not only is it good for consumers but it is also good for the sector as a whole, which so desperately needs business to start picking pick up again.

Builder Guide is raising awareness of the following 10 energy saving technologies that qualify for the 5% VAT rate:

1. Insulation

2. Draught insulation

3. Solar PV panels

4. Solar thermal

5. Micro wind turbines

6. Ground source heat pumps

7. Air source heat pumps

8. Micro combined heat and power (CHP) units

9. Biomass heating systems

10.Central heating and hot water system controls

Builder Guide is one of the UKs leading resources for consumers to find qualified and accredited trades professionals such as heating specialists, renewable energy installers, builders, plumbers and local electricians.

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China to investigate US, South Korean solar materials imports

China to investigate US, South Korean solar materials imports
BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) – China will open investigations into imported U.S. and South Korean solar-grade polysilicon, the country's trade ministry said on Friday, in the latest instance of growing tensions between major solar manufacturers. The …
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Solar Roofing Your Neighbors Will Love
Each slim photovoltaic module features polycrystalline silicon solar cells that can offset 30 to 70 percent of a home's electricity usage. If it exceeds power usage, the excess flows back through the meter into the power grid, creating a credit to your …
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LDK Gets To .30 With Lifeline From Its Home City
The city which is home to LDK Solar will help the company pay a part of its debts in an effort to keep the debt laden company afloat. According to reports, the city of Xinyu, in the Jangxi province, has agreed to repay the LDK's loans from Huarong …
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