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Workers call for action as legislators debate minimum wage increase

Planet Rock – Nudibranch Metropolis
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Image by Boogies with Fish…
Last Saturday, with my buddy Rich Jones spotting for me, we had a nudibranch-fest at Planet Rock. Because of the river water covering the top of the sea mount, there wasn’t enough light to avoid using the flash on my Canon G11. However, this worked to my advantage when shooting nudibranchs.

There are so many kinds of nudibranchs that I sometimes have difficulty identifying them. I have a book on marine invertebrates, but it includes only about a hundred nudibranch species. There are far more than that within twenty minutes of my house. Sometimes it’s difficult to get it down to even the genus level, because species within that a given genus can appear wildly different.

Ah, I can hear some yawning out there, so let’s get down to the pretty pictures.

This one is pretty easy. I can tell that it’s a Pteraeolidia  of some kind, probably P. ianthina: I have a very difficult time finding these. They are usually only about 1.5 to 2 cm long. Richard is a master at spotting them, being a total freak about nudibranchs. We spotted two in a row. This is the second one: I know that it’s very illogical, but I sometimes wonder how something like this can even be alive. It is so utterly alien to anything that we are used to seeing. If you think about it, they are no less bizarre than the deep-sea monstrosities that we sometimes see in the news. It’s often said that we know more about the surface of Mars and our Moon than we know about the abyssal habitats of the oceans. I don’t know if that is true, but I can take it in.

The next ones that I have to show you are among my favourite nudis, the Electric Swallowtails.

This Electric Swallowtail (Chelidonura electra)  is relatively common around here. You can see it elsewhere in Madang – Ples Bilong Mi.  Just put swallowtail in the search box and you’ll see all of the posts which contain images.

Here is another individual of the same species. As you can see they are amazingly plastic. I’m reminded of Rubber Man from my comic book days. For example, have a look at this one moving from one bit of coral to another: I estimate that between the two shots above the critter increased its body length by a factor of four. I measure about 164cm (that’s 5’ 4” and a half for metric-challenged Americans) in my bare feet, not exactly a giant. If I could stretch out that far, I’d be 6.5 metres tall. I’d have to bend over to look in 1st floor windows (that’s second floor windows for Americans).

Perhaps I should explain, briefly. In America numbering of floors, in common parlance, begins with the floor that is more or less even with the ground, in other words, it is just above what would be the first basement floor. This, in America, is called the first floor. The floor above it is the second and so forth. In much of the rest of the world, the said floor even with the ground is called . . . well, it’s called the ground floor. Hard to argue with, eh? Then, of course, you have to call the next floor the first floor and so forth. Forget mezzanines and such which just add additional confusion. I’ll not get into which is correct or more logical. I’m just explaining the way it is.

Oh, my, I’ve drifted off point again. That’s happening more and more lately. Let’s get back to the nudibranchs.

Here is a final shot of Electric Swallowtails enjoying an intimate moment: I shal not describe their activity. This is a family-friendly site (mostly). Use your immagination.

This is an entirely different nudibranch which is soometimes referred to as the Black Electric Swallowtail, the Chelidonura inornata: As you can see, there are physical similarities, but the pigmentation is radically different.

We say quite a few of these. In one small area, less than a quarter metre square, there were five enjoying an impromptu love-fest. Here are a couple of frolicking nudis for you: Richard spotted some eggs and attempted to point them out to me. I was busy snapping, so I missed them. I could see him gesturing and attempting to say, “Eggs” through his regulator, It came out something like, “Eblublublelbgshblubelbule”. I couldn’t translate, so I never did see the eggs. I didn’t know about them until I was back on Faded Glory. I’d never have found the spot on my own and Rich is limited to one dive because of his insurance limitations.

However, while snapping away, I peeped on further evidence of a sort of nudibranch Woodstock: Naked nudis doing the boogaloo right out in the open. Shocking!

I wonder what they were smoking.

Workers call for action as legislators debate minimum wage increase
They called on the company to pay living wages to its employees and enact family-friendly policies to lift women and their children out of poverty. Two out of three minimum wage workers are women, nearly four of 10 are women of color – and these women …
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Minneapolis Window Glass Company Reports Nationwide Heat Wave is Causing an Increase in Foggy Home Windows

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Some headlines this summer includes: Washington D.C setting a record with 138 hours above 80 degrees, Heat Wave puts the electrical grid to the test and Nationwide Heat Wave brings record breaking oppressive humidity. Even in Minneapolis Minnesota which is typically referred to as the Nation’s Icebox, it was hotter than in central Florida. It was so hot in many areas of the Twin Cities; it actually caused the roadways to buckle.

In the Midwest where there are large temperature extremes throughout the year, homes are usually built with insulated glass windows or sometimes referred to as thermal pane windows or double pane windows. The components that make up these types of Window Glass typically include glass panes, aluminum spacer, desiccant and the seal that holds it all together as one integral unit.

These windows have an air space or inert glass such as Argon between the two panes of glass. Because of the space between the panes, it creates an insulating effect which can be measured as an R-factor, just as putting fiberglass insulation in your walls and ceilings would do. These types of insulated windows will keep a home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by reducing the amount of temperature transference between the inside and the outside of the building.

Due to the unusually hot summer, we are seeing a lot more Home Window Pane Replacements, says Rick Rosar, owner of Rapid Glass. If you cant wipe off the moisture from the inside or outside of your window, you probably have a seal failure and the window will have to be replaced. Rick explains, Many customers ask if we can replace just one piece of glass in a foggy or broken window, but unfortunately, this is not economical as manufacturing a new unit is cheaper than cutting apart a damaged unit. Once a unit has been leaking for a period of time, the water will etch permanent marks on the inside of the glass.

The desiccant that is inside the window spacer is placed there to compensate for condensation that may be present due to temperature fluctuations, and normally works just fine. Due to many years of large temperature swings from subzero to scorching heat, as well as being bombarded by the suns rays, these seals will usually fail over time. Once the outer seal fails, the desiccant inside the spacer can no longer keep up, and additional moisture enters the unit. As a result of the seal failure, you have the appearance of a foggy window or moisture between the glass.

For 25 years, Rapid Glass has been one of Minnesotas premier Home Window Repair and Replacement Specialists. We provide Quality Same Day Service for most of your Auto, Home and Business Glass needs. Our Customer Service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and can assist the customer with virtually any question they may have.

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City takes new approach to increase recycling

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