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Bamboo Toothbrushes – Eco-Friendly biodegradable Bamboo Handles and BPA-Free Nylon Bristles For Natural Dental Care – Perfect Environmentally Friendly Way To Help Our Planet Go Green – Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrushes – Eco-Friendly biodegradable Bamboo Handles and BPA-Free Nylon Bristles For Natural Dental Care – Perfect Environmentally Friendly Way To Help Our Planet Go Green – Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrushes – Eco-Friendly biodegradable Bamboo Handles and BPA-Free Nylon Bristles For Natural Dental Care – Perfect Environmentally Friendly Way To Help Our Planet Go Green - Toothbrush

  • WHY BAMBOO? Bamboo is the worlds fastest naturally renewing resource which is also inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.
  • WHY NYLON BRISTLES? BPA-free, 100% biodegradable nylon and effectively cleans.
  • WHY THE PACK OF 4? Brushes should be replaced once a month or after any illness. For a family of 4 this is 1 month supply. For a single person, 4 months! Which means you can really start paying attention to your oral health without the worry of contaminating the environment.
  • WHY MULTI-COLORS? Everyone loves a little color! And it makes it easier (in a family) to know whose brush is whose.
  • IT FEELS GOOD! Our brushes are soft and comfortable in your hand as well as in your mouth. You and your children may not want to put them down. Bamboo has a very nice natural energy about it – in contrast to common plastic brushes.

GOOD FOR YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT IT JUST FEELS GOOD! – Good for your family. Bristles are perfect for good clean feel for your teeth yet easy on the gums. The handle is comfortable for adults and kids
– Good for the environment. Handles are completely biodegradable and the bristles are made of nylon that can be pulled out and discarded where they will also eventually break down safely. Even the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.
– You will feel good knowing you ar

List Price: £27.99


Dakine Women’s Frankie 26 L Back Pack – Dakota, Large

Dakine Women's Frankie 26 L Back Pack - Dakota, Large

  • Back panel security pocket
  • Organizer pocket
  • Adjustable sternum strap

Features Side access fleece lined padded laptop compartmentFits most 15″ laptopsInterior padded fleece lined sleeve for iPadBreathable DriMesh® back panel and shoulder strapsBack panel security pocketDocument pocketOrganizer pocketWater bottle pocketFleece lined sunglass pocketPadded bottom panel Specs Volume 1600 cu. in. [ 26L ] Size 18 x 12 x 7″ [ 46 x 31 x 18cm ] Materials Planet friendly 100% PVC free: 600D Polyester

List Price: £80.00


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Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Going Green Energy: Learn About Energy Sources That Will Help Save The Planet and Save you Money

Is the fact that you would like to learn how to conserve energy and help out Mother Earth but just don’t know how to get started making you feel really bad… maybe you have even thought about just giving up?

Does it seem like you’ve tried everything in your power to learn how to live green when it comes to energy, and no matter how hard you try and despite your commitment to the issue, you’re still plagued with: Not knowing what is needed to get started, Not understanding alter


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360 Eco-Loop to help reduce PH air pollution, carbon footprint

360 Eco-Loop to help reduce PH air pollution, carbon footprint
A game-changing vehicle is all it takes to convert a city into a green zone and help the country reduce its air pollution and carbon footprint, while it provides its citizens a safe way to travel, according to a senior official of one of the …
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Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Buffett buys batteries, Amazon quells
Congress guns for a vote on Keystone XL. An anonymous Republican aide told Bloomberg the US House of Representatives may vote on a bill to move forward with the pipeline—meant to transport energy-intensive tar sands oil—with the goal of passing the …
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Going Green: Eco Relics Takes The Old And Makes It New
Eco Relics also buys out estate sales, goes in before home demolitions to find things that could be used again, and buys from contractors. If it's usable and can be sold, the Murphy's will take it so it stays out of the garbage. The Murphys say it's …
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New Kangaroo Island Luxury Eco-Villas Are 100% Solar Powered
Visitors to South Australia's Kangaroo Island can now venture completely off grid, with the unveiling on Wednesday of luxury accommodation that is 100 per cent solar powered. Two new 6-star energy rated eco-villas have been built by the Sea Dragon …
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Planet Friendly Launches Website to Help Home Owners Save Money on Electricity Costs

(PRWEB) May 24, 2014

Wind turbines have long been used by industries to contribute to energy generation and to lower energy costs. Cheap and powerful, wind turbines are becoming easier to install and maintain, making them a cost effect energy source for most industries. Due to the recent improvements in wind turbine technology, the benefits that can be derived from wind turbines can also now be had by homeowners, especially those who plan on taking their homes completely off the grid for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. launches a new website to help homeowners save money by offering for sale home wind turbine kits.

Why Wind Turbines?

Wind is everywhere and it does not cost anything, making it an ideal power source if consumers are only willing to spend for the upfront costs of installing a home wind turbine. A regular home system can easily generate enough power to support the appliances and lighting fixtures in a home, which can translate to considerable savings in power bills over time.

Home wind turbines harness wind power in order to generate electricity that consumers can use in lieu of grid power for the home. As the blades turn, they catch wind and the wind drives the blades around, which moves the turbine and generates power. In areas with strong wind speeds, more electricity is produced. Wind turbines come in two configurations, a building mount and a pole mount. Building-mounted turbines produce less power than pole mounted turbines, but they are cheaper to install since they can installed directly on the roof of any home.

Benefits of Installing Home Wind Turbines

There are so many benefits of installing wind turbines for the home, from reduced power bills to cleaner energy use. A few of the benefits that consumers can start enjoying include the following:

Lower power bills: Installed wind turbines can take care of power consumption for a majority of the appliances and lighting fixtures in the house. With a major portion of energy consumption addressed by another source, homeowners can expect lower power expenditures from the grid.

Added income stream: Consumers have the option of channelling excess wind turbine power back to the grid for reasonable compensation. The credit that they can get from the local power company may be enough to cover monthly power charges and for those who are living totally off the grid, can actually serve as a good passive and steady income stream. This is also a good way to recoup the total installation costs for the system.

Stored energy sources for windless days: Wind turbine energy can be stored in batteries to be used for windless days. This eliminates the need for generators and other forms of backup sources of power.

Tax benefits: Some states are taking the initiative to put up attractive compensation for homeowners willing to put up wind turbine systems. These could take the form of tax credits or zero sales tax when purchasing the wind turbine equipment. Feed-in tariffs employed by some states pay homeowners compensation for the energy the systems produce, even if they consume the energy themselves. Consumers also get paid additional compensation for excess energy that goes to the grid. Consumers can check with their local state regulations for specific incentives offered to those who choose to install a wind turbine system in the home.

Reduced carbon footprint: Wind turbine energy is clean energy since there is no combustion and no consumption of carbon fuels. The generation of wind energy does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. With a clean source of energy, environmentally conscious homeowners can effectively lower their carbon footprints even more.

Longevity: With the right maintenance, a home wind turbine system can last for up to 20 years. Maintenance checks are done once every few years and parts may need replacements for the same duration as well. Homeowners who are worried about the cost of maintenance often get back the costs from the total energy savings and extra income they get from the wind turbine system.

The installation of wind turbines for homes is a major step towards a conscious and effective way of lowering household carbon footprints and living a sustainable lifestyle. Although the initial costs for the equipment and installation can be great, this system of generating a clean and renewable energy source will pay for itself many times over down the road. was launched just a few days ago into an increasingly popular market as home owners strive to save money on their increasing electricity bills.

Visit for more information.

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Jeff Corwin’s Tips to Help the Planet This Holiday Season

(PRWEB) December 23, 2013

December 28 will mark the 40th anniversary of Congress passing the Endangered Species Act (ESA), designed to protect critically imperiled species from extinction. The legislation continues to be crucial, not only for protecting endangered species, but also for helping preserve the environment and natural habitats.

Here at JeffCorwinConnect, the animal kingdom and the health of the planet we all share is always on our mind. One of our core goals is to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. So as we take the time this holiday season to reflect on our accomplishments and goals for the coming year, it is also the perfect time to commit to ensure that our individual actions have a positive impact on the environment and all of creatures who share it, said Emmy award winning TV host and Naturalist Jeff Corwin. To honor the 40th anniversary of the passing of Endangered Species Act, here are seven positive actions you can take this holiday season and in the new year to help save species and ecosystems:

1. Reuse and recycle we live on a planet with finite resources, and if we can reuse the things we already have, and find new uses for old materials this holiday season, we will do the earth, and all its creatures, a very big favor.

2. Visit your local zoo or aquariumThere are more than 200 AZA accredited zoos and aquariums in the US, every one of which supports conservation for animal habitats around the globe. Take the family for a fun day.

3. Volunteer Find local organizations that help restore local wildlife and habitat. Donating time is a great way to learn about your local environment and volunteering is a great family activity.

4. Eat locally produced sustainable food Holidays means a lot of good food. Eat locally produced sustainable food – the food tastes great, fewer chemicals used to grow food mean fewer chemicals in the land and supporting local producers reduces your carbon footprint.

5. Donate to an organization If charitable giving is part of your year-end rituals, consider including an organization that works here or abroad for conservation of animals and their habitats.

6. Gift Green Less packaging, gifts that arent plastic, newspaper for gift wrapping, bringing your own bags to stores to shop, eco-friendly presents all simple, easy ideas to make a holiday season even more special.

7. Be active on social media is where we are building a community of friends and environmental stewards, and there is strength in numbers. Join us or other social media communities and lend your support and voice.

From everyone at JeffCorwinConnect, we wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season.

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Variable Voltage eCig Vaporizer constant BURNT taste… PLEASE HELP!!!

I bought this vaporizer new about a week and half ago two days after I’ve had nothing but problems, I constant Burt taste… I’ve searched on line, I’ve look…

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Off-Grid Living Experience – Day 2: Boy Do I Need Help!

Off-Grid Living Experience – Day 2: I Need Help! I had one very alarming surprise at about 4:15 a.m. that made me sit straight up in bed. I use my electric w…
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Blower Motor Problems | Auto Repair Help… Blower motor problems video highlighting diagnostic procedures for Diy car mechanics. Proper electrical diagnosis of…

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Reusing and Recycling (Help the Environment)

Reusing and Recycling (Help the Environment)

Reusing and Recycling (Help the Environment)

  • Environment

This series introduces very young children to the concept of caring for the environment in an attractive and accessible way. Based on children’s real-life experiences, the books focus on things children can do to help the environment and keep the world around us clean. In this book, children learn about reusing and recycling common household materials including paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

List Price: $ 5.99


Rubbermaid Commercial 23-Gallon Slim Jim Recycling Container, Rectangular, 11″ Width x 20″ Depth x 30″ Height, Blue

Rubbermaid Commercial 23-Gallon Slim Jim Recycling Container, Rectangular, 11

  • Narrow measurements enable container to fit into tight spaces
  • Imprinted with universal recycling symbol
  • Polyethylene is lighter in weight than aluminum or steel and resists cracking
  • Measures 30 x 11 x 20 inches (H x W x D); has 23-gallon capacity
  • Meets EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content; can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits

The Rubbermaid Commercial Slim Jim recycling container is a rectangular polyethylene recycling bin imprinted with the universal recycling symbol and with narrow measurements that enable it to fit into tight spaces. Polyethylene is lighter in weight than aluminum or steel and resists cracking. The container measures 30 x 11 x 20 inches (H x W x D). (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal d

List Price: $ 67.20


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How To Sell My Car In Indianapolis Video Released On YouTube By Cash For Cars Quick For Customers To Help Facilitate The Sale Of Junk Cars And Trucks

(PRWEB) April 01, 2013

Americas top-rated automobile buying and recycling company, Cash for Cars Quick recently announced the launch of a new how to sell my car in Indianapolis video on YouTube that is intended to facilitate the sale of unwanted, scrap or junk vehicles. Their efforts have already helped thousands of people from Indianapolis and its neighboring cities to benefit from the wonderful opportunity of earning some extra cash through the sale of an old car. Their new venture is also meant to attract a whole new set of clients so that they can all do their share in making the environment pollution and hazard free. There are some companies out there are working actively for the welfare of their customers when it comes to automobile recycling or waste management in the United States. Cash for Cars Quick based in Indianapolis is a new but promising car disposal company that has been highly regarded by its customers due to the unique and innovative services. The company has also been quite active in its marketing efforts in order to attract a large number of customers from various cities of the United States. Their main ventures include YouTube instructional and informative videos as well as Facebook fan pages and other promotion strategies on social media websites. Recently the company released a new how-to video on YouTube that explains the procedure of selling a car in Indianapolis in a step-by-step fashion. The video should receive tremendous praise for its launch because its unique and very useful for the owners of junk cars. Now these people dont have to abandon their scrap vehicles or spend days or even weeks searching for a potential buyer who would be willing to pay a good price for their old car. To learn how easy it is to sell a car in Indianapolis or to sell a junk car visit,

Cash for Cars Quick in Indianapolis not only gives an instant offer, but also makes the process of selling a junk car or truck quite smooth and hassle free. They arrange for a pick-up service to move the vehicle to its new location and to free the car owner of trying to tow it. Moreover, the price they offer to car owners is totally incomparable considering all the added benefits that come with this transaction. The cash for cars Indianapolis office says some of the other cash for cars services are either not offering a good amount of cash to those selling a car in Indianapolis, or they are not reliable. Cash for Cars Quick, on the other hand, is a credible and reputable firm with a number of testimonials to prove it. The video explains that the owners would not have to go through the tiresome steps of transferring ownership of the car to the buyer, and handle all the other paperwork involved in this process. All they have to do is contact a representative from the company and then let them handle the rest. Cash for Cars Quick has formed partnerships with a large number of automobile recycling companies from all over the United States and it acts as an intermediary between the car seller and the buyer. To learn more on how to sell a car in Indianapolis or to speak to a representative from an automobile recycling company in Indianapolis, get in touch with Cash for Cars Quick and make selling a car in Indianapolis easy and can be done a matter of a few hours.

Cash for Cars Quick has gained popularity throughout Indianapolis in a very short span of time. According to the companys mission statement, they are working to eliminate all junk vehicles from the country to make the environment pollution free from junk vehicles. Because of this, they are offering quite innovative services to their customers including sale of junk or old cars in in hours. For more information on how the company is operating, log on to their website at Cash for Cars Quick’s Indianapolis office works with one of the best SEO professional in the USA to help with the cash for cars service promote the message about the importance of utilizing a reputable cash for cars Indianapolis Indiana Company if a vehicle owner is considering selling their car or truck. Cash for Cars Quick continues its online presence by offering an instant quote over the phone, and regularly posts auto recycling information on the company blog and social media pages. By utilizing a SEO company along with instant pricing the company hopes to attract more Indianapolis Indiana residents looking to sell their vehicle. To read more on the companys cash for cars Indianapolis Facebook page visit,

About the Company: is a growing junk a car for cash service that offers junk car recycling and that provides a high return to the car and truck owners in Indianapolis and throughout the United States. The company and its partners follow environmentally friendly disposal practices to safeguard the future of the planet. To learn more about selling a car in Indianapolis IN service visit the company website or call the corporate office.


William Leonard

Phone: 888-862-3001

Email: info(at)cashforcarsquick(dot)com