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AIMS Power Inverter Charger & Freedom Kegerator Make Cold Beer Mobile

Las Vegas (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

It took a 2000 watt AIMS Power inverter charger, a couple deep-cycle batteries, an idea, and nearly five years of preparation to make the Freedom Kegerator a reality.

But since its debut this year, the mobile beer dispensing system has become a million dollar product bringing fresh pints to parched patrons across the globe.

You might see the Freedom Kegerator at a Dallas Cowboys game in the $ 1.2 billion AT&T Stadium, at a Lakers game in the Staples Center, at amusement parks like Six Flags or even art and music festivals like Burning Man.

It increases profit margin, because it turns a traffic area into a revenue stream, inventor of the Freedom Kegerator Mark Johnson said. Customers coming into a football game, for instance, can get a beer with their program, then once that traffic area slows down, you can cart that unit right to a new location and set up.

Youre just unplugged and not anchored by AC power.

The backbone of the system Johnson uses to achieve 10 hours of mobile beer-tapping power is a DC to AC inverter, which transforms direct current power from a battery bank into alternating current electricity thats used to chill and pour your beer.

He says choosing the right inverter was one of the most important stages of developing the product.

I ran into a snag, because the inverter charging systems out there couldnt do the job, but I happened to find and this 2000 watt AIMS Power inverter charger, Johnson said. I looked at other inverters, but they just werent equipped to do what I wanted, and if they were, then they were some astronomical price.

The Inverter Store got me a great price, a great product and they went the extra mile in terms of customer service by helping me size my system.

Vice president of AIMS Power, Sean Nichols, walked Johnson though some of the technical aspects of putting together an off-grid power system to maximize reliability and functionality.

The applications for the Freedom Kegerator seem endless, and its because of the versatility mobile electricity provides. It has the potential to change the way people think about getting a beer at sporting events, festivals, amusement parks and any event or venue serving frothy beverages.

I owe a lot of it to AIMS Power and The Inverter Store, because its tough starting out as a new business, and they stepped up to the plate, gave me a great price, and stood behind their product, Johnson said. “I take my hat off to the companies.”

For weddings, concerts, NASCAR events, zoos, blues festivals, block parties, balloon races, Bar Mitzvahs, the beach, bar patios or on the corner of the street, the Freedom Kegerator makes mobile beer dispensing a much more lucrative business.

It represents an innovative step for business owners both big and small, especially since the cart alone is essentially a mobile business, providing unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore the effects of location and atmosphere on sales.

And most importantly, it maximizes the quality of customer service provided, as it reduces long lines and makes beer from the tap more accessible. Canned or bottled beer ends up causing much more waste, and to be honest, its just not the same as a freshly poured beer.

About AIMS Power

AIMS Power has become a multimillion dollar company because of commitment to the inverter industry. Inverters will be sold worldwide regardless, but innovation combined with excellent customer service separates AIMS Power from the competition. Buying an inverter is almost never a cut-and-dry process, so AIMS Power prides itself on being the most accessible company in the inverter industry. When it comes to technical support and providing quality information to customers, AIMS Powers utilization of its communication platforms is unmatched. Inverter users call and e-mail our technical support and customer service teams daily from all over the world with issues ranging from aftermarket boat upgrades to backup power systems during hurricane season, and they always reach a real person with a real commitment to solving their problem no matter how big or small. To contact the AIMS Power Inc., simply call (775)359-6703 or e-mail sales(at)AIMScorp(dot)net.

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One Clean Planet Aims at Offering Consumers a Natural and Safe Alternative to Traditional Paints with Its Zero VOC Paints, Primers and Clear Finishes

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

The paint industry has undergone some major shifts in recent years. New regulations limiting the use of various chemicals has helped make safer products available, but theres still a long way to go for truly safe, chemical-free paints and coatings. One Clean Planet has made it their goal to set the bar higher and is now offering consumers numerous kinds of Safecoat finishes, paints and clear finished that are truly toxic free and some of the most naturally safe coatings you can buy.

Safecoats top-of-the-line paints offer durable, long-lasting finishes that look good for years. They use some of the highest quality, most highly refined ingredients available, which eliminate the residual toxic chemicals found in typical paints so naturally they were a perfect fit for the One Clean Planet portfolio of products, said Adam Radly CEO and Founder of One Clean Planet.

The Safecoat products avoid extenders, drying agents, formaldehyde, mildewcides and fungicides so they are truly one of the best naturally safe products available. One Clean Planet has priced its Safecoat products as low as possible in an effort to make them accessible to the masses. One Clean Planet hopes its aggressive pricing strategy will enable more consumers to buy some of the safest paints and coatings for their homes, said Mr. Radly.

About One Clean Planet

One Clean Planet has been established to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. With One Clean Planet you can get a professional home energy audit that will show you how you can lower your electricity costs and improve the air quality in your home, use proprietary energy management software to monitor energy use in your home and buy energy efficient and environmentally friendly products for your home and your family. With One Clean Planet you can save money and save the planet at the same time.