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Sneak Peek Of The New Off Grid Motor Home

Here is a sneak peek at the new off grid motor home. I went to see it for the first time today. It has been sitting untouched in the woods for 7 years, so it…

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I always have a feeder that is at least half full. But my chickens are free ranging. Saves me a TON on feed costs during this time of year. During winter I would go through about 50lbs/month. Now, I’m going through that in maybe 3 months.

Look at property in Maine.. If you have issues obtaining a mortgage you can owner finance a lot of that stuff – your time is limited on a rental property don’t want to see you
get blindsided – seems like you’ve been through enough.
fyi – you are putting out some great vids keep it up!

hey just an update our off the grid property in montana is now on the market 20 acres look it up under dallas land helena montana any hows ill chat later or you can find me on facebook and friend me if ya want i had some net problems before so that’s why i lost touch for a while


Hi Techman! I’ve been following you for a while and really enjoy what you do. You have a lot of good ideas but I have one for you. I’ve noticed that you use a lot of propane fuel for cooking. Have you considered just cooking over a campfire when the weather allows? Its a pain in bad weather but that kind of weather is the exeption to the rule. If its too windy or the weather just won’t cooperate then hook up a bottle of gas and take care of business. I wish you the very best! Walt.

Hi Troy, I goofed with the youtube suggestion, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it is quite long. I meant to suggest Prepping Unplugged Challenge by Ebiczebulanious, which still shows what he’s done to his camper but is much shorter vid. I especially thought about you dealing with the heat when he shows how he runs his air-conditioner. He really has a nice set up. Hope you manage to see this reply and the suggested video. I’m sure it will give you a lot of ideas.

Troy, just thought of something, if the rv has been sitting for 7 years better drain and try to clean gas tank and line before you fire up that generator.. hope he had stablizer in it

Yeah, ironic all the wind is gone with the heat. Horrible. It sits here hot and humid. I have 5 fans running in here to cool it down some. The camper gets hotter than outside and I have to cool it to sleep later.

The crank light was dead. I asked and he may leave it for me. I can hopefully fix it.

I may do just as you say. Make it a sort of fold out desk. That way I can still use it as a bed if needed.

Your homestead is sitting in dead air. What happened to all that wind your older videos showed?? Not even little breezes for relief now. (scratching head)
I have empathy for you brother…I know how thick and miserable the air can be. When its high humidity and dead air, your sweat cant even do its job of leeching away body heat. Its not much help in your situation, but I often run a small window AC in my closed off bedroom. Not so much for the cooling but for the dehumidification to sleep

I did take that into consideration but it is in way better shape than the camper I am in now. For the price, the trade off is worth it.

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