Saving Money On Trunk Cable runs in 12V / 24V Landscape Light Installations

This is my solution, on how to cut the high cost of the trunk cable runs in Extra Low Voltage Landscape Light Installations. To light up you’re gardens can be an expensive project, as the ELV PVC copper Figure-8 cable required in the trunk runs out from the transformer to the remote garden beds and trees can be very expensive. How expensive? A typical modest installation for an average front yard could use 100meters of 10mm2 copper cable. This Cable typically costing /meter, which works out at 0 just for the trunk cabling alone. My solution is to use cheaper and higher capacity PVC/ XLPE Aluminum cables instead and save many hundreds even thousands of dollars. This makes an otherwise expensive project a lot cheaper and now more viable. The video is aimed at Professional landscape Light Installers and DIYers wanting to save money and get a market advantage. To terminate aluminum reliably you will need to solder the copper drop-off cables and pigtail the ends for termination to your transformer. The solder to use is AUL-SOL made by Multicore.
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