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Pxlplz, LLC Releases Star Saver for iOS: The Fate of the Galaxy Rests in Your Tentacles in This Adventure Game

Red Bank, NJ (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Pxlplz LLC, founded by games industry veterans Benjamin Cole and Casey Gatti, announces the release of Star Saver, a hilarious Space Squid Adventure on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Eat your way through a colorful new Galaxy with a lovable Space Squid as your guide, along with a gluttonous Royal sidekick who gains power with every cake he devours. The Stars are mysteriously disappearing from the sky, and only Squidly the plucky young Space Squid, and Prince Squishy the Hungry can find them. Unfortunately, they’ve been chained together, so the unlikely duo must cooperate to find the stars and win their freedom.

The player takes control of Squidly in this retro inspired madcap adventure. Players can explore over 25 levels across 3 planets, fighting baddies and solving puzzles along the way. Luckily Squidly can direct Prince Squishy’s voracious appetite to his benefit, eating and spitting items to help solve puzzles. The game is accompanied by a rocking chiptune inspired soundtrack.

“This is totally the game we wanted to play as kids,” said Benjamin Cole, Co-founder of the indie games company Pxlplz LLC. “We took some of our favorite elements from classic 16-bit games plus our own brand of spaced-out humor, and threw it all into a blender.”

The open world game play presents an array of paths to select from. Players find cakes scattered throughout the levels, which expand Squidly and Prince Squishy’s skills and invite them to master these new abilities. Along the way they’ll meet enemies, bosses, and friendly NPCs creating hours of challenges for the heroes.

Star Saver is available on the iTunes App Store where players can experience the first part of the adventure for free. A one-time purchase unlocks the rest of the game with no tricky in-app purchases or additional items to buy. Classic 16-bit style adventure at its best.

About Pxlplz

Pxlplz was founded in 2011 as a premium mobile app developer, and has also released Seven-Yo and Super Mad Matador. Benjamin Cole is a veteran games producer and designer formerly at Namco and Gaia Online. Casey Gatti has been making indie games since 2005 and is a founder of ProRattaFactor Games.

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