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prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin – tiny house – options you can afford for 10k

They make these in every state! The last video was in NC this is South West OK. This cabin is as affordable as a car payment and you own it! Lots of room too…
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very cool dude. are you planning on living in one of these ? if so please post a video with furnature etc in one. also have you got any idea how solid these things are and how long they will last. i live it scotland uk and we get some pretty strong winds and a shit load of rain just wondering if it would be worth the purchase. with the mrs being pregnant im looking for an affordable family home.thanks

No problem! Its always good to step out of your comfort zone at times, you would beable to be more flexible and adapt to different environments. I checked with a different realitor agent several days ago and here he told me that the 6.2 acres i was previously looking at was NOT sold…It kinda pulled my chain to where i held off searching for now. I figured i would start searching again later on! I have 5 yrs until my youngest is 18yrs of age! Thats when i plan to do for myself!

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I hadn’t been on in about a week. Actually, I was considering Nevada, but only if it’s the high Desert with trees and water. I got a friend that would go in on the and too, but he won’t be living there, just coming up to hunt yearly. I kinda want to stay close to my skill set, which is woods, and all my gear is colored to that environment too. Gold Mining has kicked off there last year again, but right now, I’m laid off.

Good video thanks for sharing. I’d love to do that as sick of working to pay bankers their huge bonuses..You would still need the land to put it on though so how much would that cost ?

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Time is money.. Pay a premium for someone to do it right, or do it yourself. Most don’t have time or expertise, so this becomes a viable option. Consider a geodesic dome: costs less, larger, stronger.

Probably closer to 3 or 4 in materials. That’s at a discount lumber yard. It could be done in a few hours time with 2 guys who know how to do it. If you paid 10k for that you just got robbed.

I would think for someone who is going to live off the grid could they could build these for much less, that’s a lot of money for a fancy shed thanks for the post though

I like it a lot, you would have to get it up off the ground to prevent rot. I could see a few solar cells a battery bank Propane Tank, Fridge and Stove.

It’s a definite thought with the lofted barn. I’d want a bit more height in the loft area if I was going to have any sleeping space and I’d want at least one more window and a back door.

If Coulton Elliot can build it for $2K or less even I want to see this. I’m fairly certain I can get a few folks over for beer and BBQ to do an old fashioned barn raising and have the shell up in a weekend.

Even an decent fairly late model (large enough to be comfortable, even though thats subjective) Airstream could cost at least $30 grand.

Looks like the walls are not complete yet; but nice house. Probably another $ 5 to 10 grand for the internal..washers, heaters, sink, etc.

Buy a good used travel trailer like and Airstream and you’ve got it all for that or less.

Note….it is a shell only. No plumbing, no electrical system, no appliances, no fixtures. Add the rest of it up and then tell me what a “bargain” it is at TEN GRAND….NOT!

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