Our Remarkable Earth Needs Your Help

by admin on 21/07/2011

Stop the abuse our beautiful planet is suffering - become a Planet Buddy! Stop the abuse our beautiful planet is suffering – become a Planet Buddy!

According to the very learned among us, people who have dedicated their lives to the study of our earth, the solar system and beyond, our earth has many hundreds of millions of years of life left in her.

This is a very gratifying little nugget of information for sure but it does not address the state of play as far as us humans go. You see the trouble is that our earth and indeed our solar system really doesn’t care too much about our delicate little human lives any more than it does for simple insects and such. Just as we would think nothing of swatting a fly attempting to land on your food, so the earth has no problem with some of us meeting with a rather sticky end. This is a sobering thought isn’t it? Our earth will quite cheerfully watch us all fight our wars, run our gas guzzling vehicles, destroy forests and pollute waterways.

The problems we are facing are mainly of our own creation.. This includes the most disastrous of all,- Geoengineering – the modification of our weather and more using all manor of ghastly means like creating false cloud cover by ‘Spraying’ chemicals into the sky…

The way we live is inadvertently causing the loss of around 200 species of flora & fauna every day,- no not a misprint, it is incredible! We can’t sit back and consider everything as being someone else’s problem or that someone else will fix everything… We all have a part to play right now,- it’s about waking up to find the truth and becoming educated to whats really going on all around us.

Well what can I do? Often we feel like we simply cant take ‘worthwhile’ action, we aren’t powerful enough, we don’t have the necessary drive or self belief. However, it is possible to become supremely powerful by clearing away, replacing old paradigms and indoctrinated ways of thinking. If we are not able to change and become effective and powerful, we cannot make or encourage the necessary changes of habits and habitual ways of thinking in others and around us in our environment. If you want to learn how to become powerful Click Here!

It is becoming very clear to all of us that the best indicator of ‘trouble brewing’ is our changing weather patterns. The evidence is clear for all of us to see and experience, very clear – just about every weird weather event imaginable is or has been occurring in recent times. Okay, so we are all aware but what can we really do? Planet Earth has no conscience when our loved ones are swept away by flood, burned by raging fire, frozen or drowned by freak weather. It fears not if our crops fail or our power supplies cease to function. The message is we should be very grateful for our time here and try to work and live as harmoniously as possible with our beautiful earth. The aim of this blog is to motivate and spread the word as far as what ‘regular folk’ can do. We welcome comments from anyone who believes they are becoming part of the solution and / or consider themselves to be opting out of being part of the problem. The good news is that all around the world people are starting to take action by stopping bad practices and opting for gentler, kinder strategies for living. Let us know if you have tips or maybe a story of how you changed your life by becoming ‘greener’ in the way you live. Tell us about your energy saving projects,  your organic vegetable plot, water saving strategies or your converted, home made or brand new ECO vehicle.

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