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Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa – Trailer

Twenty-Five miles from town, a million miles from mainstream society, a loose-knit community of eco-pioneers, teenage runaways, war veterans and drop-outs, l…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • trixstyle13

    this doc was great. definately helps look at life on a different level and
    at a different curve.´╗┐

  • ThereWillBeHellToPay

    “you can’t do that in Brooklyn”- yeah, I’ve seen assholes like that before.
    They’ve been so restricted in their prior lives that they don’t know what
    to do with freedom when they get it. Nothing changes though, they were
    assholes then and are assholes now. “we don’t dial 911”, yeah because your
    attitude got you dead not because you’re wannabe tough.

  • Jane Doe

    Sounds like you’re one of the hopeless sheeple that love for big brother to
    be right up your aS$. SOME people actually ‘like’ the idea of being totally
    FREE. Something you cannot do in AmeriKa (yes with a “K”) anymore. Our
    freedom & Constitutional rights are on their way OUT. Enjoy your
    enslavement, serf!

  • ThereWillBeHellToPay

    no, just the opposite. do you have reading and comprehension problems? Not
    once in that post did I mention the government. I highlighted assholes from
    brooklyn(and other cities) who cannot handle freedom and the responsibility
    that goes with it. They drag their assholeness with them to wherever they

  • Jane Doe

    Big government SUCKS and is becoming more over-meddling every single day.
    With the unconstitutional police state growing… there are going to be
    record numbers of people moving “off the grid” and seeking the freedoms
    that we once had in AmeriKa, but are rapidly losing.

  • novak rene f

    Green energy -Newton was wrong granted, all who show machines with no plans
    =fake all who have plans and (of course) no machine fake this one has
    video, math in description and all specs measured in front of you in the
    film and no money it is free information all on the video and a 16 year old

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