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Off the Grid – Documentary 2012 Dutch subs.flv

2012 Documentary by Alexander Oey Alexander Oey traveled throughout the United States and filmed communities who are taking matters into their own hands. 50 of the 46 US states are nearly bankrupt. Over 13 million Americans are unemployed. More than 49 million people live below the poverty line. How was it able to come that far? People seek for their own Utopia outside the financial system and government. Are these communities the right path and solution? Has they found effective alternatives, while governments worldwide are heading to bankruptcy? On you will find the causes of the crises.
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Love to see all those local initiatives, gives me hope in a storm of profound satanic fascism.

and again, bubba, corporations don’t have the power to control your life. everything you do, from poisoning your body with big macs or pharmaceuticals to watching TV, is of your own free will. the state is the only thing able to control. if a corporation “controls” you it is through the legislative arm of the state. larger governments with unlimited power will always be corrupted by lobbyists, while smaller governments with legislative power dispersed over 50 states don’t have much power.

a small state wouldn’t have the power to bail out too big to fail financial institutions. and it wouldn’t be a target for corporate lobbyists. so that’s two birds killed with one stone – no big brother, and no malicious corporate interest, and the only prescription is: less government.

Hahahaha The gun might be used by the government but who creates makes and provides the state with the gun and the financial support to buy it? Every aspect of our lifes is controlled by coorporations. You know what that means? Profit comes first all the other shit later. Good examples are cancer and aids, why would you cure them if you can earn more money forcing people to buy medicine every week? Exactly! I’m 100% medicine for both could be invented within weeks, if the corps wanted it.

Implying we need money, in a real fair society there is no money, but trade of real goods for other real goods instead of this interest infected shit.
And colonialism wasn’t driven by governments but primairly by private corporate companies like; the Dutch and British India Companies, which were companies which the private industry had stocks. What if people have to be killed in order to make profit? look at Iraq the Us government executed an order from the Oil companies to get cheap Iraq Oil

Multinational Companies are not “government”. They have infiltrated the “government” and used it to block out their competition and cover up their crimes. They use the violence and “legitimate force” of the government to project their lies. If there were no monopolized agency (government) wielding such control, the corporations would have nothing to infiltrate, and thus no venue from which to control the masses. In a free market, the demands of the consumers drives everything. Read Up, dude

Since Citizens United you cant blame “government”. Government is US Multinational Companies. US Multinatioanl Companies are Government. This is a misrepresentation. It is now out of date.

No. But our military is used to allow McDonalds to operate in 120 countries instead of 115. US Multinational Companies are GOVERNMENT. GOVERNMENT is US Multinational Companies. See Citizens United.

You must know by now that the so-called European Union, plus the impossibly complicated web of bureaucratic cancer known as Belgium, would not ever let one of their slaves become self-sufficient! The mafia that run the government in your area feel far too threatened by an enlightened slave. He might go tell the other slaves the secret!

the psychopaths always say things like “if you only pay extra tax, you can have everything!” bullshit piled on top of more bullshit

if nobody makes a profit, then nobody has any money to invest to create more businesses that create more jobs that create more wealth that improve the state of society. The greatest source of death in the history of the world are GOVERNMENTS. In the twentieth century alone, over 200 million people were murdered by GOVERNMENTS. I have never seen McDonald’s or Samsung invade a foreign land and kill children with drone strikes.

capitalism? control people? you must be confused, bubba. the biggest corporation in the world right now doesn’t have the legal power of a small state. a state can swat team your house. a corporation can show you an advertisement.

Capatalism is fucking disgusting.
The need to make profit no matter what and no matter who dies.
The need to control the people in order to force them to buy your useless crap.Capitalism is the greatest source of deaths since human existence.

The virtues of fucking communism in a capislist society thats living under socialism. Fucking disgusting.

no, it’s not the government that owns everything. It’s the banks. That’s something people apparently don’t realize. Private people, communities, states, the federal government…all are indebted. Same story everywhere on this planet. At all theses levels people are constantly paying back debt and interest rates…this can only work until a certain point is reached…and then everything collapses and soon the process starts anew.

Same way here in the USA. We own nothing. The government owns everything. Sales tax, property tax, payroll tax, Income tax, and the list is endless. I wont depend on some non existent god to save me either.

this is so last year. lol. in CA they charge you to park at the public parks. this is because criminals go there to rape victims, kill eachother and do drug deals. so where crime is bad, the city will make you want to go somewhere else using methods like these. no trash cans, restrooms or maintenance.
i go to colo springs regularly and the crime is really bad, the streets are fubar and homeless soldiers everywhere. If they don’t take care of Vets? who are the gov taking care of?

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