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Off Grid Solar and Wind Installation Part One

Off Grid Solar and Wind Installation Part One

In this video we discuss off-grid and grid tied solar electric systems, installation safety, and solar panel parts and function. Http://www.simplesolarhomest…

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The panels can withstand most hail storms. Even chicken wire would cause some shadow but you can cover the panels with plywood if you know a hail storm is coming.

Hey man! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I’m curious about hail on solar panels. I know that most hail won’t hurt them, but last summer in Wisconsin we got 2 hail storms that produced larger than golfball size hail. I saw a video of a guy who put 1 inch chicken wire about a foot above his panels to protect from large hail. This wouldn’t greatly reduce the energy production would it?

Concorde’s are great batts. Get the specs for the number of plates, plate thickness and amp hours. Generally 6 volt batts have thicker plates and will last a few more years than 12 volt batts.

Does the difference between 12 volt and 6 matter if you’re using industrial deep cycle batteries like Concorde?

Hi LaMar:

Just posted a video response where I comment on how you and your channel inspired me to go solar in my simple solar van. My new channel is called DexTravels.
Thanks for all the videos and inspiration for my solar power! 🙂

Also, I purchased your book “Off The Grid” a little while back and it was very helpful and I highly recommend it.

It will break into small chunks instead of sharp shards and can withstand most hail storms. Same glass used for exterior sliding glass doors.

How is it safety glass? Id rather have a solar panel break into big shards so there’s less to clean up and its easier to handle…

Lots of videos on my channel covering all my power and other systems. This is part one of a 5 video series.

If you want to power your home
you have to learn to build your own solar panels
go to Google and search for:
“Top Diy Solar Panel Review”
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refrigerator i would think cost a lot of money too

and a coffee pot is a lot of power

and a 100watt light blub could cost when you have 10 of them on

so there is more then thee things

i dont have a stove or use my hot water heater

what can i use to run my refrigerator ??

i tryed a pawer pack and it did not work

i thought a Solar panle would help me out hear but what size would i need to run a 15amp refrigerator

or what can i do about the refrigerator to lower the cost


You can stay free on any BLM land in just a tent. I started with $200 in my pocket, an old truck and an old camper. Get a job or start small business and save all your money until you can buy a small pice of land. live in the camper while you save more money to build a cabin. That’s what I did.

You sir, have beaten the greedy banks. I have a moral hypothetical for you.

if there was a stray person who didn’t have any money or a place to stay. how would you go about helping this person given your ingenuity?

You are correct and I have replaced most of my 12 volts with 6 volt deep cycles and that is what I now recommend.

Your battery bank will level off. Unless you have an air turbine with a built in shut off controller you will need some way to dump off the excess power. Instructions are in my book.

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