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Off-Grid Living Experience – Day 4: What A Great Day!

Off-Grid Living Experience – Day 5: What A Great Day. I share how I prepare meals and what I am eating. It rained yesterday and during the night so the garde…
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energy is relevant across the board. putting a fridge or water heater on a
timer wont save a penny in energy, says me…20yr electrician.

so while the generator is running anyway, cant you run a cord inside and
let the fridge get cold while the batteries are charging for hours? The
answer is yes….battery chargers draw next to nothing on the 120V side.

start with a smaller house maybe, you’re gonna need a hell of a lot more
solar panels than that to have a comfortable life in that big ass house

I would look into purchasing a passive absorption refrigerator to eliminate
the need for electricity altogether to refrigerate food. They have no
moving parts and run on propane or any other source of heat (I think Thomas
H. Culhane has a vid on here showing him using biogas flame from a compost
biodigester.) The full-size ones are horrifically expensive new but you can
often find small used ones on Craigslist for a couple hundred; they’re the
fridges you find in RVs.

what a great test. What happened to the timer you put on the frig, 2hr off
30 min on, that would hae at least helped.

Do you have solar panels? And if so, how much did they cost you? I doubt I
could go “off the grid”. In LA that is sort of impossible. Correct me if
I’m wrong, at least in my case I’d never worry about snow. But… my
husband and I have been looking at houses and have spoken to several people
about installing solar panels once we do, and we’ve been told over and over
again that it is so expensive to install that the money you save on solar
power isn’t worth it. That it would take years…

For having a good gas supply, I store 30 gallons in the garage. Every 6
months I take the gas from the cans and fill up my truck and then I go and
refill them. Food for thought.

… before it would pay itself off. Not to say that it’s not still a good
idea. Conserving energy for conservation sake is always a good idea. But
after the cost of purchasing a house, we wouldn’t necessary have the kind
of money left over to do something like that. Cost of living out here is
expensive enough as it is. My question is, we see all these people who live
“off the grid”, how do you do it? How do you afford it if that’s that

I really enjoying watching your videos and updates. You mentioned a link
for how to build a faraday cage. Thanks again.

I never thought about sleep deprivation. I imagine after getting woke up
every night for a week, that will start to take it’s toll. About the refrig
– think about getting a portable icemaker. Really! Most make about 20
gallons of ice per day. Turn the frig into an icebox. More efficient than
the small refrig. PLUS you get a cool beverage. Could also be a medical
prep in case of injury.

You should switch all your appliances to 12 or 24 volts a 24 volt fridge
would be ideal, get rid of all the AC using appliances, they just kill your
batteries for no real gain compared to DC appliances.

not meant to discourage. videos are doing great at proving practical
application. love the series 🙂

Haven’t watched the whole video but just wanted to say you have a
beautifully decorated home! Now, back to watching!

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