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Off Grid Drive Way Installation Begins

Off Grid Drive Way Installation Begins

So today we started installing the drive way entrance. I got help from a few friends with the right equipment. It only cost me and two cases of Bush ligh…
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23 replies on “Off Grid Drive Way Installation Begins”

i dont know where or how to get music that will not get me into trouble with copyright restrictions or i would add it in those parts. will work on it once i get internet´╗┐ installed out on the property and dont have to use hotspots anymore. ­čÖé

A Charlie Chaplin piano´╗┐ tune would be nice at the fast-forwarding section of the video at the end ­čÖé For future reference maybe.

great show. loved all the work that was done. wish we saw you pulled the trees over. LOL´╗┐

Even more exciting! Wow!!! It’s really coming together for´╗┐ you both – continued success Ryan!

You got a lot done today …with a little help from´╗┐ your friends – Jim included. Looking so good! So excited for you and Addie.

wow´╗┐ doc looking good man you are the fastest shoveler i ever seen lol need some bennyhill music with that fast forward videos

well if the rain stops we can get started´╗┐ with the bricks lol. ordered the cabin today and will be here in 4 weeks.

i will be showing a few videos detailing that when the time comes. yes she is a´╗┐ hard worker.

How much wiring are you going to do inside your home. Please do a detailed video on the wiring. That Rainbow´╗┐ Brite is a hard worker. Keep up the good work.

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