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Off Grid Christmas Eve Chores 2013

Work doesn’t stop for the holidays…

23 replies on “Off Grid Christmas Eve Chores 2013”

hahahahah .. love watching vid’s in fast forward its always funny ..
& Aweee what cute voice’s you have …
Next time you speed up vid can you get dogs barking in it to ..hahaha

Good team…I’m sure Ralf was keeping guard on the wood fire whilst you
were both working….

Merry Christmas Ryan and Addy, Great work. May you have many blessing in
the year to come. ollllllo

There is no work better than hard work. I love this kind of physical labor.
A homesteader’s work is never done. Merry Christmas Doc. :-}

Looks like your’e making some headway, that’s good to see. It couldn’t have
been a worse time for your clutch to go out! Is there anything I can do to
help. I’d love to if I can in any way… Merry Christmas!

loved the little chipmunk voices going on there! Thanks for sharing as I
do learn a lot from you even tho I still live in an apt for now.

Nice job dynamic duo and a very Merry Christmas to ya. Can’t thank you
enough for clearing that spot for my cabin :)

You had my head spinning with that up tempo wood chopping. What a team
effort, almost as good as troy and his cat on a leash.
Merry X-mas,

doc, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you just traded your vehicle for
firewood instead of actually doing all that hard work? just saying, cuz i
someone else do it on youtube. btw, (as a mechanic) i wish i was there
to help you with the truck.

my christmas is solar panels out sun and cold ohh weather has snow tonight
and tomarrow and cold! what a gift white stuff

hey wishing you guys the best but where did the chipmonks come from and
was Alvin there lol

I wish we had maple trees. I would save all that for running the smoker
come springtime. 

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