• Hawaiibiz

    Yes thank you for your responses, Yes Led Tv will help out alot 🙂 and Yes the Amps are doing really nice, and yes Powell I do know that about the batterys that is why im adding one more wind turbine in the next month so that way im keeping my batterys between 13v-14.5v so i can make my batterys last longer. Im planing on putting 10 solar panels in the next 3 months. Todays update which is now 24hrs later my batterys are at 13.6v so its doing well. Im happy that others are getting more involved.

  • Solar & Wind Australia

    You really have a nice setup. Didn’t know you had 2 turbines. I think they guy you are talking about is Ian (ian57812). He has a pma on a ratio setup. I want to change my 50″ plasma to a led TV as well. Plasma tv’s use to much power.

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