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Inside The Off Grid Camper – living off the grid

A look inside the off grid camper where I will spend my summer to prove that you can go fully off the grid on a budget. Please donate:…
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  • Deborah Davis

    Good job I enjoyed your video very much. The trailer may have a lot of
    storage but you certainly made the most of what you had and added to it in
    many ways! Big thumbs up.

  • Duggy Dugg

    good prog..composter is a puzzle …i am thinking a rear pull out for easy
    transfer to the composting barrel..can’t find what i want yet …

  • Shane Aubuchon

    looks like it will work out well for you, the stove with the water heater.
    you will need a water pump,and a “t,p valve ( temperature,and pressure
    relief valve) and also a place to dump the extra heat like the fan you have
    but more efficient. but make sure you have the t,p valve just encase the
    water gets to hot it will release the pressure.

  • MakeMeThinkAgain

    Looks like a great place. As someone who lives in a tiny apartment I should
    tell you that the secret is editing your stuff. At least once a year I look
    over everything and try to find at least a box or two of junk to get rid
    of. You should do that once a month for the first year.

  • Grepadu

    Nice rig, but you really don’t want that propane tank inside. A vented
    outside compartment would be ideal. Be safe, be happy.

  • The Do It Yourself World

    I use my phone to read on very often. But I like to have real paper
    reference books. So much easier for me.

  • RA W

    Good job, interesting, but now that you’re livin off the grid in your
    camper, where do you park it and stay for cheap, and without being hassled ?

  • RadicalRC

    It’s hard to believe the fireplace itself wouldn’t produce enough heat to
    run you out of there. What is the point of the water pump and heater core?
    I could see this as a great idea if the fireplace were operated outside the
    camper. Seems like pointless complexity inside.

  • steven dudley

    yeah they are very nice they give you a lot of room inside. what I like
    most about my RV the heater, refrigerators and the hot water heater can on
    propane or electric. and has a build in gas power generator. for the days
    is not sunny or a windy day to make my power and the gen can run every
    thing in my camper too

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