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I’m back living at my off grid cabin!

I'm back living at my off grid cabin!

4-20-2014 – I’m finally home from Texas! I’ll have my solar power and satellite internet going in about a week, then I’ll be posting videos regularly again. …
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23 replies on “I’m back living at my off grid cabin!”

Thanks everyone for the kind words!! Feels so great to be home. I’m working
on more videos, but no internet at the cabin just yet. If I don’t get it
going tomorrow, I’ll go to McD’s and upload another one … ugh it takes
forever LOL!

Hello Arkie cool videos just found your channel,send pic of boat and
motor,Arky form Texas!!

I’m finally catching up with yer videos Arkie! (NM505 here) I didn’t
forget about you though.

Hey good to see you back. Where you been all this time? hope you had fun,
looking forward to loads of vids.

I remember when you got that little panel for the pumphouse. but honestly
that was only a trickle charger (i have one on a car that I move firewood
with that doesn’t get much use). get yourself at least a 40 watt panel for
the pump house. I’ve got 200Ah for my house. goes well. never gone flat
yet, not even once in 2 years. gonna move my inverter right inside the
battery box outside soon and have been doing a bit of wood work for it

Runs & give’s a BIG HUG …. Welcome back .. we all missed ya & I missed
Lil Bit & Lil Tarzan “) .. how are they?
Ohhh can’t wait to go crystal hunting with you again 🙂 

glad to see ya back at the project cabin..Welcome,Welcome..Good luck I will
keep a watching ya..

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