I have reduced my bill by 70% in 2012. I recently built
    3 solar DIY panels… using simple and cheap materials. I’ve posted all the info
    Easy and useful! I hope it helps someone!

  • JohnsonGetDown

    This is true! If it wasn’t a battery type connection.
    If you think about it, betteries work by a chemical reaction. Connecting two batteries in a way shown in the video, doesn’t trigger the chemical reaction (the two terminals of a battery aren’t used, only one). However if you connect the other two sides, well…you’re in for a big current flow.
    What this method does is it increases the “intensity” of the chemical reaction.

  • Verradonairun

    When it’s done with two batteries, with the other positive and negative terminals separated, no circuit is completed and no electricity runs through it. You don’t sound like you have experience with this stuff – that’s fine, I don’t either. But please, do contact someone who knows more than you about this to avoid getting hurt. These batteries are dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Please don’t be insulted, I also don’t know what I’m doing, that’s why I’m not doing anything yet.

  • NH4NO3CH3NO2

    ok i have a ?… i own an amplifier that requires 16 volts to push out max wattage. at the moment i have an 350 amp alternator supplying a stock 12 volt battery and a spare deep cycle 12 volt battery.. how will i push 16 volts out of them? at around 3000 rpm i am getting 14 volts out of the batterys but when i turn up my cd deck the subwoofer drains the voltage down to about 12v. so my problems are i need more amphours plus i need to raise my voltage to 16 volts. So what next? Thanks

  • jihadhamwi

    thanks for this vedio,but i want to ask ..what we have amp here?
    we now have 24 volts but how much amp per hour for this connection?

  • thesire1000

    My ? is , i have three batteries #1 is main vehicle battery # 2 & #3 are spare batteries . # 1 separated using a starter solenoid for charging to #2 & #3 .
    How do i connect #2 and #3 in series and to what terminals do i connect my 1500w inverter

  • rblain4780

    How would I hook up an inverter to this set up? Negative lead to battery ONE negative terminal…then Positive lead to battery ONE positive terminal??? Thanks

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