• TiagoTiagoT

    If it produces more energy than it spends you don’t need a battery,
    kickstart it with a exercise bike and then let it run selfsustainedly, i
    dare you.

  • Madam Vonkook

    why dont these guys just sell them independently or the parts……. so
    people can put it together !I would buy one right now if it were available

  • Rabbit4hole

    So it’s been a year now and where is the progress on the production models
    that we can puirchase?

  • jack smith

    I been watching Lutec for 10 years.I have even spoken with them.I don`t
    really know what to think.What they hell they are doing I don`t know.If it
    works, it works, lets get the party started and start making them.I come
    back and look at their website every year or so.There is always a promise
    of something but no product.It`s silly, I can only think there is something

  • judgementcanada

    Guy was tightening a screw there but there a lot of other loose screws here
    that all the screw drivers won’t help. And the flywheel they were using the
    crescent wrench on looked a little unbalanced . Here again I see no cure.
    But I would like to talk to all those brilliant investors. You see I got a
    bunch of magnets and I put them on a wheel and…well…it’s a bloody

  • Pagesincolor

    A year has gone by now and I haven’t seen any of these generators on the
    market yet. It should at least have made the kpfa.org news or Flashpoints.
    For “absolute proof” this guy should post a copy of his past year’s worth
    of electric bills from his utility. If he’s right, the utility owes him
    money, not the other way around.

  • openmindedozzie

    He has been granted patents in heaps of different countries including the
    US…. A home unit will be availble in 2 years to Australians and New
    Zealand only…..

  • psychcisco

    A device already exists to power your house for free. It’s called Solar for
    those new to this game. What it does is it uses photovoltaic cells to
    convert light energy into electricity lol. It does this at a generally low
    efficiency (in my case 13-15% in good sunlight, much worse in low light).
    Solar can cost shit loads to setup of course. But over time (6 years in my
    case) can pay for itself and profit. Corporations dont stop the Lutec, the
    laws of physics do lol. Dam you laws of physics!


    MILLIONARE starts a fund to prevent the overseas exportation of the
    product. i dont understand… @ 308 it states this fact.

  • Kerry Challis

    To power your house to power your car or any other such device for such a
    cost if true will go overseas or not be seen again,,,,much like the black
    box and other Aussie great inventions….history

  • Phil Sydor

    The real test is to couple the output to the input, i.e. use the power
    generated to power the unit – if the unit continues to work week in week
    out without stopping and still provide useful energy then they have
    something worth exploiting. Otherwise it is fool’s gold! I suspect that
    after the magnets are exhausted the unit will stop.

  • jamesykt69

    this is simply going to be supressed by the oil and gas companies and we
    will never hear of this again. The powers that be do not want us to be
    free. The capatalist world we now live seeks only profit and not freedom
    for the masses. If there is a chance we can get something for free, which
    today generates billions of pounds, we will never get our hands on it. We
    can power cars without fossil fuels, quite effectively now. Do we all drive
    them? no

  • octoslut

    @ShmeareD no you retard they were threatened by corporations, sorry for
    being rude. its all about money. this will effect energy companies so they
    probably bought this guy’s company and erased all records about this

  • Jjunior130

    those GOD DAMN oil companies >:O the ppl need to work in the shadows, no
    more looking for the government for help, the ppl need to use the internet
    for communication. invention needs to be open source. share the plans,
    schematics, and diagrams. the fucking power of the world makes me mad, the
    world is dying and when a solution appears, they take it and hide it.

  • ShmeareD

    This guy is full of shit or this thing would have been for sale by now, and
    I would have one in my shed for 5 grand. John and Lou you are a Wankers.

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