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Fixed Solar Panels And The Off Grid Project Expands

I fixed my solar power problem and added something new to The Off Grid Project. I hope you like it New live weather feeds here: http://www.theoffgridproject….
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23 replies on “Fixed Solar Panels And The Off Grid Project Expands”

Ok. . Troy. . . Electronic Math and a discussion with a Electrical
Engineer. Here is what you need to know. With DC you use +30% on your
wire size calculations. So if you panel produces 30amp (example) you have
to use an AC wire for 40amps to handle 30amps DC. (9amps is the +30% and
they dont make a 39amp wire). Load however does not factor in. IF the
batteries are low, the panels will dump power at max regardless of load.
So your wire problem was going to hit no matter what.

Wait a second I just heard you say we needed the rain but earlier in the
video you said it’s been raining everyday practically.

Hey weeds are good, I just found some wild carrot today! Troy you should
get one of those screen tents, they don’t cost that much and set up a cot
or hammock outside and sleep in that to stay cool! or a hammock or make a
DIY hammock, I have a video on that, then but a bug net over it, and a tarp
over it, make your own bug net with a sheer curtain bought at the second
hand store. Maybe I’ll do a vid and show you, cuts down on using air
conditioning or when you don’t have juice to run it and you said it was
cooler outside.

Sorry about the truck bill. I feel your pain. $900.00 in CA would be just a
brake job and a windshield wiper blade. Which is why we DIY the repairs…
and by that I mean the husband does it. 😉

You have awesome mechanical skills. Perhaps it is time to park under the
big white car port, break out the tools and get er done. I believe there
are several mechanics on here who would love to armchair quarter back, I
mean offer expert technical advice. There isn’t much on that truck that
can’t be fixed on the side of the road. So, if you care to post the list of
repairs needed… let’s see what can be done to at least give that bill a

Just a thought Troy. I use a small chest freezer in my MANSHED. It has a
dial on it so I turned it up until I got a steady 40 degrees temp inside. I
use it as a fridge in my MANSHED. Now it gets up to a 100 degrees out in
the MANSHED during the week. But it only runs for about 5 mins or so about
every 3 hrs. I run the AC out there on the weekends. It will even keep
things frozen if you put it in frozen, and put it at the bottom. None of my
liquids freeze in there, bottled water, tea, punch etc. It works amazingly
well. You don’t loose any cold because you are opening the top. If you
can’t find a chest freezer with the dial on it, they sell a digital control
thermostat on Ebay really cheap. I actually bought one for this freezer,
but when I got the freezer, it already had one built in. A lot of off the
grid people are using them as fridges. You might want to check it out.

What Gauge wire do you need? I have a lot of wire just laying around my
shed. I could send you some. Just a thought. You might want to put a
shade cover over the fridge to keep the direct sun off of it. The sun
beating down on the all black paint is probably making it hard to cool.
Also a small computer fan or something to circulate some air around the
sides may help too. As a temporary thing could you rotate a few 2 liter
bottles between the freezer and fridge compartment to keep the bottom a
little cooler. Also having the bottom full of something like water bottles
will allow them to get good an cool at night and will make it stay cooler
during the day.

if you can’t afford to fix the truck, wiring or replace the fridge how can
you afford to start building a home? i don’t get it. i tried to watch the
part of the vid showing your weather app but i kept nodding off……guess
i’ll have to go back to watching paint dry ;)

Hi Troy, a lightning strike would have burned out all your solar set up
not just one RV fuse, that much I am sure of one bolt of lightning took my
solar set up left me nothing to repair and you would lost all wiring in
RV you would see the burn marks you will find its mice got at RV and I have
same problem on my 4×4 no mot,cash but you did say you get fair bit from
your tube ad’s web site set up me I don’t even have a camera to up load
anything with any more since my camera was on charge night lightning strike
my set up life can be so hard in the UK severe weather nothing ,in Brazil
its 30 c and that’s there winter kids family’s live in the streets been
they took down their tin house’s were they lived just for a foot ball
games be held now that hard living I have a daughter who donates 10 weeks
to help kids there when she can with her friends twice year the weather
conditions change so fast to storm’s

Off grid weather do it yourself blow your mind project lol.
like I say I like this as it is original.

oh did you know you can send that data to the weather channels underground
site? they can use that data.

any wind power is better than none…cant you just remove every other
blade on broken unit to balance out loss of broken blades..get those bad
boys back up in the air

I’m guessing you don’t have a rain gauge hooked up yet?

Get that apple tree in the dirt!


If I understand, the propane fridge in the RV leaked right? So what
happened to the propane fridge you used on the trailer? I recall it use to
work great for you>
What about getting another RV type fridge off Craigs List?

Prune the branches and top the apple tree. It is probably root bound or
the soil is getting to hot during the day. By pruning and topping you allow
the tree to help heal itself. It used all it’s stored energy making the
flowers. Now it needs a rest

Glad to hear you got Solar back up and running Troy! sounds like you were
really hurting without it.
If you get desperate for refrigeration run a thick bead of silicon around
the door seal, close the door and let it dry. Then use a razor to reopen
the door to continue use. The silicon will eventually fail but might give
you an extra few weeks without constantly discharging your battery bank!

Oh, almost forgot to add earlier (my phone is acting goofy), since we DIY,
why do we send in our vehicles for repairs we can DIY? You said around a
hundy for small repairs like turn signals. C’mon, dude. And now 800 for
ball joints? Order the parts from NAPA or Discount Auto, remove the
assembly, beat out the old joints, squeeze or beat in the new ones, and
reassemble. There’s prolly 50 good videos on TY to help you through. You
can do it, man! :)

I think you should build a outdoor shed, for a propane Freezer, doesn’t
have to be that big, and if you portion everything out, freezing will make
your food last longer, and the propane freezer wont heat up anything
inside, and you can also insulate it more. I saw a guy do that in light of
putting that inside his log cabin. =) Plus if you set it up in the center
of your meadow, you might be able to use straight solar to keep your food
frozen instead of using a battery at all, that is if you use a camper
fridge.=) It might be possible to salvage the parts for all that too. I
have seen people do that on a air conditioning unit, and if a cloud blocks
the sun it stops working. But if it was a well insulated Freezer, it
wouldn’t matter if it stopped working for a while. To get around the start
up you could always use capacitors.

Well, you can’t go lower than 12 gauge wire for low wattage arrays. I
can’t remember what you are capable to pull but given the run you will have
to use 8 – 10 gauge wire.

it appears the problem with the fridge/freezer is that your fridge portion
is not sealing. That’s why the freezer is cooling down fine, but the
fridge is still way too warm. The temp sensor is likely inside the fridge
rather than the freezer and that’s why it’s never turning off. you might
try to see if you can get the fridge part to seal better as a temp fix. It
might actually be more cost effective to sacrifice your food and turn off
the fridge. It sucks to lose food, but it would be better than ruining
your batteries.

you should throw that fridge away ASAP. you already pointed out that you
plan to use a chest freezer reconfigured to operate as a fridge. +1 to
that idea!

The weather station is neat stuff. Does it track Solar Flares, CMEs and
earthquake data? LOL.

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