ELV – WALKERA V120D01 Flybarless V Series 6CH Helicopter RTF – 2.4GHz

Flybarless V series newly issued by Walkera, executes a perfect combination of shape and performance. V120D01 using the flybarless and swashplate fixed pitch structure successfully applies the flybarless technology in mini indoor helicopter. Three-axis gyro control design pushes the steady flying into a new level. V series deducts the creative design and the concept of leading the age trend. Features: Metal parts: Both main rotor head and swashplate are machined by CNC center. Processing focuses on detail and reveals the combination of refinement and perfection Power system: Brushless motor ensures the safety of power and offers smart control feeling Three-axis gyro system: Three-axis gyro takes control over the balance in the three directions of elevator, aileron and rudder, and features automatic amending the flight status. It is the optimal model for the beginners D/R mode: Equipped with new WK-2403 radio, the pilot can switch the D/R mode according to his hand feeling, with easy setting The design of flybarless balance characterizes low power loss and great efficiency improvement Three-axle gyro control makes the Flybarless balance system automatically amend the flight status and provide favorable safety for the beginners Adopting high efficient shaft driven system infinitely reduces the extra waste of the power system Mature low voltage driven systerm presents green, environmental friendly and safety concept Low voltage and high torque brushless motor can provides

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