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Designer Maven Bjorn Bjornsson Makes a Splash in the Interior DesignIndustry with the Debut of his Icelandic Ocean Leather Home Furnishings Collection

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 01, 2014

New York based, award winning Interior Designer Bjorn Bjornsson is delighted to present his new Icelandic Ocean Leather Home Furnishings Collection, a new furniture and accessory line incorporating Ocean Leather made from Icelandic fish skin. The end result, in this lively interplay between the natural world and divinely constructed milieu, is genius! Bjornsson has re-purposed these ocean leathers, refining the hues for the modern palette for a line of furniture and accessories which appeal to both form and function.

For almost 20 years, Bjorn Bjornsson has established his own particular approach by unleashing his aesthetic ability and personality in the high-end interior design world. Bjorn has created many interiors for clients spanning European royalty, titans of Wall Street, denizens of high society and commercial buildings. Originally a native son of Iceland but now based in New York City, Bjorn rediscovered the craft of tanning fragile fish skins to produce fish leathers of incredible durability and natural look on a trip to his native land. Fish skins had been used for fashionable accessories, such as shoes, handbags and hats, since the 1940s in the couture fashion houses of Europe. These organic materials, recycled products of the fish industry, caught his attention and sparked his creative sensibilities to reinterpret this exotic ocean leather. Bjornsson has reclaimed and re-purposed this material for high end accessories to dress the home.

I decided why not use it on furniture. When I got back to my studio in New York, I created an furniture and accessory line, incorporating the fish skin as an accent or the main appliqu

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