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Cabin Life: Living Off The Grid Part 8

Cabin Life: Living Off The Grid Part 8

It has been a long harsh Winter with endless snow and blizzards, even the plows are struggling to maintain the roads! I found an antique chandelier light at a thrift shop while in the city…
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  • Heith Gagnon

    Nice find Dave…Loving the series brother…I would like to be able to
    live off grid someday but I’m sure that will never happen for me unless I
    win the Lotto and I could only wish like millions of others…Another thing
    you have to be handy with stuff which I’m not all that good with…I get it
    done but it takes a bit…Plus my wife hates mice, lol…I wanted to buy a
    house out of town and she was like hell no to many mice…I live right in
    the middle of town and catch mice in my garage every Fall and my back yard
    is like a refuge with Coyotes, Rabbits, Deer, Fox, Owls etc…Take care

  • Todd Wittenmyer

    Hello Dave! I like the light fixture, but your collection of pucks hanging
    on the wall looks even cooler! I thought I could make out a Calgary Flames
    one, and a St. Louis Blues puck and I’m sure you have a Montreal one. How
    many do you have back there?

  • Wallace Vivian

    a great find there Dave.looks nice buddy love the old chandeliers.this
    winter is going out like a lion for sure.take care

  • Time on the line

    Like Heith said great series Dave. Me I’m trying to figure out how I will
    put a shower in my trapping cabin.


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