• jonathan d

    I was just thinking the same thing. For about $9,000 plus the cost of having a small kitchen installed (about $300/month) it’s just over 1/3 what I’m paying in rent for a 2 bed apartment.
    Now to find a place that sells them in Texas.

  • oconcats

    I agree. Not much room to entertain people but I’m sure there’s people who’d either want to rent them or buy them while saving money for a large house. They do need a small kitchen and bath tho. I’ve seen them with both but those cost $60k and up.

  • Paul Bolden

    It would be great if you had the website of the company that makes those prefinished rooms. I would be interested in finding out if they would sell that product in bulk.

  • Chris Counts

    Id like to know why some builder hasn’t thought out of the box and made a subdivision out of tiny houses.

  • way2hota

    This is for people that have no idea how to build something. I doubt they sell very many of these which is why they are so expensive and they play off that “have your own home for 100 a month” I agree with you but this is for people that really don’t know how to make a house or anything for that matter.

  • MilwaukeeDrinkers

    K… so you have one electrical outlet and two lights. 0 insulation. You could build that for $600 easy.

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