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Awesome 30w 12v to 24v DC ECO LED Floodlight

The new OnSolar 11v to 30V DC 30 watt LED Floodlight has arrived!

Over 12 months of careful development OnSolar in the UK have developed a new range of special low energy 12v – 24v DC floodlights. These new LED Flood lamps have special circuitry built in to enable them to work automatically from either a 12 volt or 24volt DC power supply. To start out, they have launched an impressive 30W version that produced 2900 lumen. More are to follow including 10w and so a little bird tells us a larger 50W and maybe even a massive twin LED 70W unit!

The new OnSolar 30 watt LED DC 12v / 24v floodlights
The new OnSolar 30 watt LED DC 12v / 24v floodlights

Using low energy CD lighting direct from a wind or solar PV powered source is one of the most awesomely ‘eco’ green ways of getting powerful lighting with least impact to planet, we feel this is a step in the right direction for so many end users including Farmers, Outdoor Event organisers, the boating fraternity and of course those who require grown up security devices who are living entirely off grid.

You can see these new 30w LED 12v / 24v lamps at the OnSolar website here:

Whilst you are about it, why not visit the OnSolar blog?

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