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Austin, Texas: The World’s Most Planet-Friendly City

planet friendly
by Jeremiah Ro

Austin, Texas holds the distinction of being the greenest city in the entire world – a city taking a multi-pronged approach to reducing energy use in all sectors of trade and governance, making green, environmentally-friendly companies feel right at home in the thriving, vibrant capital of the great state of Texas.

Austin’s Energy Resources

The city is the hub of a global energy industry that includes traditional energy sources such as oil and natural gas, and far-horizon energy resource technology that includes:

solar power generation
highly efficient wind turbines
fuel cell technology that cuts down on cradle-to-grave energy consumption
deep earth core energy generation (geo-thermal)
bio-fuel technology
a full list of sustainable energy producing and energy conserving technologies

The city has brought together numerous sectors of the community to work in tandem to lower the entire region’s energy consumption and shrink the carbon footprint of a major, metropolitan area. City leaders have reached out to: elements of the private and public sectors, energy generation services, major consumers of energy, non-profit and educational organizations, including tax-funded schools that teach green energy practices from recycling to responsible personal use of energy.

This coalition has created the greenest city in the world, ranking number one in both the National Renewable Energy Lab’s green power rankings and SustainLane Government’s Cleantech Incubation rankings. Austin, Texas leads the way in current usage and cutting edge technology developed by an expanding base of businesses that have accepted the challenge of creating a cleaner, safer environment using best practices to deliver quality of life benefits now and tomorrow. It’s all happening in this growing center of energy conservation research and manufacture.

“We are committed to purchasing and generating renewable energy. We feel it’s vital to our economy and our environment to develop and implement clean energy. We look forward to the opportunity to purchase plug-in hybrids for our transportation needs.”-Will Wynn, Mayor of Austin”

Austin’s Clean Energy Incubator (CEI)

The city’s leaders have created an environment that encourages new initiatives in all areas of energy generation and conservation with the introduction of Austin’s unique Clean Energy Incubator.

CEI encourages and supports young companies to develop and deploy clean energy and renewable energy resources. The goal? To facilitate innovation among the knowledge-based industries that form Austin’s revenue base. These companies deliver cutting-edge solutions and technologies, employ state-of the-art energy resources and benefit from the assistance of such organizations as the University of Texas and Austin Energy, the city-owned energy generation company that has set the bar higher for clean earth technology.

Austin Energy has ranked first in the nation for its Green Power program for seven consecutive years, providing the latest in green-based energy generation now, with plans in place to generate 30% of the city’s energy needs using earth-friendly technologies by the year 2020 – an ambitious goal that adds up to 100MW of power. That’s a lot of green juice.

Austin: The Greenest City In The World

Green companies iare at home in Austin. You will be, too.

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