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Ask LaMar: Salvaging Camper Appliances for an Off-Grid Cabin

In this video I discuss salvaging appliances and other stuff from a camper to be used in your off-grid cabins.
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20 replies on “Ask LaMar: Salvaging Camper Appliances for an Off-Grid Cabin”

Im having a super hard time finding a lot i can actually live on while im
Building, + for some reason they have to have a septic tank in order to
actually stay all year, no outhouses. what do you sujest i do to get around
this? im just one guy and i dont even go poo in water anyway i have a
humanure kit, But they dont alow just gray water filter types.. any help
would be nice thnx man. 

Hey Lamar.. I was surfing and found out that there is a conversion kit for
the regular gas stoves as well.. I have been searching for rv appliances to
and agree with you on the idea. Now that the living off grid movement is
going forward people are really taking advantage of raising the prices for
rv parts. Just something else to consider if someone gets a better deal the
other way. Thank you for sharing the video it was helpful.

me and my wife are wanting to buy land near Colorado mountains and
surprisingly land is cheap and your videos are very have a
great looking home!

Once solar panels are installed, they are there and operating for decades.
Once a propane appliance is installed, it only runs as long as the propane
is there. Look at all the people that ran out of propane this winter. Same
for gas generators. With solar/wind the power is always there (as long as
you add batteries)……

Yep,, you are right on here,, I use RV type stuff all the time, stove
sink etc.. I also bought an big old tent trailer last year that was
partially torn down for $100.00 and I finished the job, got all usable
things out of it and then built a 6′ – 6′ by 11′ faltbed trailer. Best
hundred bucks I ever spent…….

I did a video a while back on how to convert a NG stove to propane. It
isn’t hard to do, if you really want a full size stove. I would because I
do a lot of cooking from scratch, bake my own bread, and I do a lot of
canning. I actually had my NG shut off and I use propane for stove and
dryer, and use a Wood stove, Kerosene and Propane for heat. I like buying
my fuel better than having a utility because I can keep track of how much I
am using, instead of getting a huge surprise bill at the end of the month.
I am also working towards more and more solar and hope to be off grid one
day. I had some videos a month or so back on how to convert a salvaged APC
UPS to a very nice full duty cycle pure sine wave inverter too.

Older standard rv lights take a fair amount of electricity compared to LED.
How expensive are LED bulbs that fit rv bulb sockets?

Lamar, I really like your videos.
What kind of tubing did you use for your plumbing?
I like the way you think, and one day I want to do this.
I don’t really know how to find a nice piece of land, or
what to expect. I am in CA, and I think any land I find
here will be very expensive. I can afford some good
land, but the best think is to be as cheap as possible
to give myself a buffer. So I am trying to find a way to
buy land far away, out of state. That’s my stumbling point.
I think this is exactly what I would do, by a camper or
RV and live in that while I set up some infrastructure,
probably a greenhouse and raised beds first to grow
food, solar panels, cisterns to capture water … then a
house after all of that.

Thanks Lamar. You’ve given me some good ideas here ,I am renovating an old
67 trailer that had missing stove sink and toilet . I have another trailer
with those things in it and had considered a transfer but you’ve inspired
me that it’s doable and especially with the bath pieces and holding tank
etc. God Bless . much obliged .

Great answer to another awesome question Lamar! I love how you’re doing
these Q&A’s now. Thank You.

And those extra trailers, once cleaned up, can make a great ‘guest cottage’
for visitors.

Do you think it be worthwhile to make a solar water pre-heater box to save
on propane costs?

That’s what I am going to do, but we call them Caravans in Australia 🙂

Going to install the solar system in it and everything else I will need for
the main place, so will just have to swap it out when my place is done,
should be pretty painless.

This will allow me plenty of time to build my place, either a log cabin or
a Earth bag home, have not decided yet, though the “Camper” will allow me
to take my time.

You can always sell it when your done, maybe for the same price you bought
it for even, maybe a little less.

Love your videos man.

I’ve been contemplating on how I am going to have a chicken coop. Great
idea on using an old camper! Or there are people who have junk Vans they
want to get rid of. Gonna start looking on Craig’s list for free stuff.
I’ll get it done. 

Have you tried using a canner for preserving fruits and vegetables on your
stove? Does it produce enough heat?

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