• micheal savon

    I send you a message and i hope you gonna test it out.

    And the device is how they made power under world war 2 and they are still used today in locomotive and moving missile platform
    They also use them so take a f16 up from under the deck and ready to fly from a aircraft-boat

  • micheal savon

    I comment on you other video maybe over comment you decide. I been looking in to dis along time rotoverter and stuff i culd make a hole list of questions to you
    But more importen it cant be do and it can be don there is only one way at what i have been looking at you sayid in you ld video you maigth event want to send amotor for the help i DONT WANT ANNY THING but will you try somthing out for me test if it will work i got papers saying 1 watt in 10000watts out not i joke it is not a joke

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