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(877) 20-SOLAR Now Offering Zero Down Lancaster Solar Installation

Lancaster, California (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills is now offering zero down Lancaster solar installation. The demand for solar power systems in Lancaster has sky rocketed due to recent mandates requiring new homes to produce solar energy and Solar Center is proud to help expand the solar energy field by offering customers a way to receive solar panels with no upfront cost. Solar Center provides complete solar energy systems that allow customers to start saving on their electrical bills immediately.

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills is partners with Sun Power, the manufacturer of the worlds most scientifically sophisticated solar panels. Solar Centers Sergio Bruna stated, “The greatest benefit of installing solar panels for a homeowner is lower electrical bills. If your home is particularly suitable to generating solar energy, this can be an extremely significant change. In fact, most utility companies allow you to sell excess energy back to the utility companies whenever you generate more than you use. So many people are unsure of what additional changes to their electrical system are needed.. The only changes that will need to be made to your electrical system are the solar panels and the equipment that they use to connect to your existing electrical system,” when asked about the benefits of installing solar panels.

The daily rising cost of electricity has become a major reason that solar panel installation has increased. (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills wants their customers to be able to lower their electricity bills and free themselves from the burden of rising electricity costs. (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills innovative stance on solar energy has allowed them to help people get solar panels installed without the high cost that is normally associated with the process.

When asked about the cost of solar panels being a huge deterrent for homeowners, Mr. Bruna stated, ‘Solar Center not only offers free installation, they also offer a leasing programs so that you have absolutely No upfront costs. The solar panels on your rooftop start generating electricity from Day 1. This significantly reduces your monthly electric bill. For most homeowners, the reduced electric bill plus solar payment are less than the old electric bill. Bottom line, you pay nothing for the installation of your solar panels and less each month for electricity than you did before the installation of the solar panels.”

About (877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills

(877) 20-Solar from Solar Center of Woodland Hills, the leading Los Angeles solar installation company is now the leading Lancaster solar installation company. For more information on how to go solar, please call 877 20 Solar or visit their website at

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