• derekthegreatgonzo

    I have over twice the solar than people living off grid do. what I see your
    not telling us everything. have you put a kill-o-watt meter on your frig to
    see what it is drawing? my battery bank is 6 volt golf cart batteries.
    yours is Walmart batteries. mine at the moment is well over twice yours.
    there is no way your battery bank is being recovered over a winter day with
    your system. I have a friend who has 6 of the next dm 158 watt panels and 8
    6 volt golf cart batteries. he has some bad issues with his system that
    need to be figured out. I think he over thaught his system and has power
    robbing items on it, but his is larger than yours and he is having problems
    just running his tv and lighting. that frig isn’t energy star rated and we
    had his on a kill-o-watt meter. when it kicks on it pulls 750 watts of
    power. when it is just sitting there it pulls over 200 watts. there is no
    way your system can run everything you are claiming. I need to see a video
    backing up your claims.

  • clark Grizwalt

    My small system doesn’t work everything was bought brand new and the
    battery drain with in second when i hook up any power inverter to it

  • Geo K

    You should buy some fork lift batteries! They last 25 years in home solar
    service as apposed to getting banged around in a forklift where they last
    15 to 20 years even in that rough high current service. The best kept
    secret in home solar there!

  • hankandtilly

    i am a fan, just subscribed, do you think you could do update videos as you
    go along? that would be cool.

  • drolbaars71

    Very cool. I was thinking of getting one of those apartment size fridges
    for my 960 w panels. Is that a 1.6 amp fridge?

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